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Approx 72 1/8 servings per 25g sample


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72 1/8 tsp Servings each




TRINITY – stress depression anxiety 

GLUCOSE BLOCKER – anti diabetic, blood sugar, anti aging, SGLT inhibitor

EKG – Cardioprotective, heart, blood pressure 

TITANIUM – strong bones, prevent osteoporosis

AUTONOMOUS – cognition brain limitless focus clarity

NEBULA / SUPERNOVA- alpha warrior energy, anti fatigue, confidence, stamina

PEEL- Flavonoids, Inflammation, skin issues, oxidative stress, allergies

SPICE- Polyphenols,  Pain, Antioxidant 

SEVEN SAGES- all in one (7 blends)

ALZ – Anti Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, neuroprotective

ACB – ant cancer, anti aging, mTOR inhibitor

SENOLYTIC- zombie cell killer, removes / prevents senescent cells

ANTI ADIPOGENIC- prevents new fat from forming, obesogen blocker

PURGE – colon apocalypse, fat burner

THERMO- anti diabetic, glucose disposal agent, pre workout, fat burning

APIGENIN- blood pressure, neurogenesis, testosterone, liver, hair growth

VICTORIOUS- anti viral, covid, immune system, allergies, eczema, acne 

LUTEOLIN- memory, brain, anti cancer

HELICO- heartburn,  h pylori 

PARASLAYER- parasites, stomach issues

SHILAJIT- electrolytes minerals; energy

PINE POLLEN – youth powder, testosterone, hair, hormone balance 

SUPER TONIC HAIR – hair growth / grey prevention

AUTOPHAGY- cell cleaner

NIAGRA – viagra for women, menopause, painful periods, hot flashes

THUNDER- male enhancement, ED, premature ejaculation, increased size and stamina 

JING FORCE – kidney rejuvenation and protection 

REWIRE- anti addiction, BOSS mode, executive level brain function, clarity, focus, limitless 

MATCHA- green tea, anti aging, energy, antioxidant

PLUSH-beauty blend, perfect skin, anti wrinkle agent

THROM-prevent / eliminate blood clots, lowers blood pressure, anti arteriosclerosis 

GAINZ – muscle, strength, anti aging, prevents age related muscle atrophy

ASCENDANCE – pain, inflammation, non opioid, non addictive

SPACEBORN- medicinal mushroom masterpiece

FORCE FIELD – emf / radiation blocker, neutralize oxidative stress

LIVER REGENERATOR – protects liver, reverse alcohol damage

LUNG POWER- strengthen lung function, improve/reverse COPD, covid damage, allergies, asthma 


1000g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 50g, Sample


Nebula, Thermo, Trinity, Thunder, Niagra, Luteolin, ACB, Autophagy, Hypnotic, Senolytic, Autonomous, Purge, Rewire – Total Brain Reset, Glucose Blocker, Jing Force, Victorious, Peel, Spice, Super Tonic Hair, Plush "Beauty Blend", Thrombolytic : Blood Clot Destroyer, Liver Regenerator, Female Fertility, Male Fertility, Heavy Metal Detox, ASCENDANCE: Pain Annihilator – Non Opioid Anti-Inflammatory Analgesic, SPACEBORN: Medicinal Mushroom Masterpiece, FORCE FIELD – EMF & Radiation Blocker, Lung Power, GAINZ – Muscle Blend Prototype, SABRETOOTH : TOOTH DECAY & GUM DISEASE DESTROYER, Apigenin, Helico, Paraslayer, EKG- Cardioprotective, Titanium – Bone Blend, ALZ – Neuroprotective, Anti-Adipogenic, Gynostemma, Pancreas Regenerator, Aldosterone Downregulatorr123

73 reviews for SAMPLES – 72 SERVINGS

  1. Dick Klouwer

    I’m 18 year old and I need to say that I feel blessed that I found this product so early in my life! I’m gratefull Gavin put so much effort to research the blends! The study & science behind the blends mixed with dry fasting is brilliant. Add to that a cure for cancer without the pharmaceutical junk! And the opportunity to heal with natural powders! Brilliant!

    I do intermitting fasting in combination with these herbs and it’s mind blowing!
    I ordered the sample’s pack (Trinity) 3 weeks ago. Added them to my daily diet and my anxiety, bad moods, drained energy and headaches and vanished! I really feel different in all aspects since i start using it. These blends give you the confident and energy to conquer any day!

    I need to mention Trinity & Seven Sages particularly because these are the real deal! An espresso shot with Trinity mixed with Seven Sages in the morning is shooting you trough the stratosphere with a crystal clear mind! For the Thermo and Nebula you don’t even need coffee. That’s realy f*cking rocket-fuel! ??

    If you’re going to order for the first time i recommend the sample pack and look for yourself what works for you. If you order it you can choose 1 out of 5 blends, with these blends you get 6 extra blends for small use, so you can try them all trough the day. It’s a real upgrade to my lifestyle!

    As for last Gavin keep up the good work, I’m a taker for life!

  2. Nathan Reece-Jones (verified owner)

    So I stumbled across Interstellar Blends through a Forex Trader I follow Kingshaunlee. This guy is next level in this world and he is always dropping hints and tips to help people improve and elevate in this shitty society we live in. I work as a service engineer and study the Forex markets in the evenings I struggled with fatigue from my job and this had a knock on effect with my trading in the evenings.
    After taking Nebula, Trinity and Matcha every morning, midday and evening I would have massive energy boosts and superb focus throughout the day. It’s crazy how these blends help improve your mentality to get shit done. Mindset and outlook on life has completely switched up thanks to Shaun Lee and Gavin 🙏
    I’ve managed to shift 17 pounds in 2 weeks mixing the blends with intermittent fasting. Brilliant stuff people!

  3. Donna Meirovitz

    Dear Gavin,


    My brother has been using your products for a while now. He has preached and preached about how fantastic your blends are. He provided me with some samples of Trinity, Seven Sages and Supernova. I immediately fell head over heals. The energy boost, the mood enhancement… oh my goodness. I used to come home from work feeling dead tired, exhausted and actually miserable. I’d rarely have enough energy to get dinner together, clean or run errands. After using small doses of the samples (as I didn’t want to run out) I would come home in the best mood with the energy to cross everything off of my to do list every single day! That was enough for me to become a die hard fan and save up for my first purchase!

    I recently received my order of Nebula, Trinity, Thermo, Super Hair Tonic and Pine Pollen. All I have to say is HOLY SH!T!!!! I am a whole new person and I feel freaking fantastic. I am now taking the proper dosage and just can’t believe how much energy I have! My mood has enhanced substantially and I have the endurance to keep on grinding allllll dayyyy. I have never felt more like the bubbly and energetic girl I used to be in high school!

    Gavin… you are a HERO. Your career choice is truly a noble one. You are going to get such good karma for making people feel as good as your supplements have made me feel. You have made a LIFELONG customer out of me. I only wish that the entire world could try your supplements and best believe that I am preaching to everyyyy single person I know (my husband is already hooked)!

    I also want to mention that your customer service is UNMATCHED. Before I purchased my supplements, you respond to my question so promptly. But what reallyyyy stood out to me is your service after I purchased my supplements. There was an issue with USPS in delivering my package and you were so on top of helping me resolve the issue. And Kristine was soooo kind to me as well in our interaction. You guys are absolutely awesome people!!!

    I’m not great with words, but thank you for changing my life in a way I never thought possible 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤

  4. Redwan

    First time i was very skeptical about the herbs and thought they will not work, but then i did a research and i decided to order a sample package of nebula. And honestly is the best thing i ever had.. I was always tired in the morning and was sleeping too much. Before when i didnt knew about the herb, i was drinking too much , a couple energy drinks and a lot of coffee just to get me focused and keep going for the day. Now with Nebula i just need one spoon in the morning before my workout , and one at lunchtime and i have energy for the whole day. And even with so much energy i can sleep at night and wake up with more energy. Even my sleep has improved and i feel amazing when i wake up. It has so much benefits and i will recommend this to every human being i meet. Thank you so much Gavin!!

  5. Alex Booth (verified owner)

    I ordered a sample of trinity to test out the herbs as i was
    very intrigued after reading the reviews.

    All i can say is these are the real deal, I’ve been taking these for 2 weeks now
    and can already notice considerable benefits. My energy is through the roof,
    The first week i took these i felt like i only needed 4 hours of sleep!
    Secondly my focus levels have improved, I’m very focused and motivated to get things
    done without any brain fog.

    I gave some of the herbs to my brother to try and he has said the exact same thing!
    The sample pack came with the trinity blend but also included was a pack of the original
    blend and a pack of Supernova to try, for free!

    Going forward i will be taking these herbs everyday. I cant wait to order more!

  6. Jack Connolly (verified owner)

    Ordered a sample of Trinity and Gavin was kind enough to include a sample of supernova as well which was great!

    Shipping was really fast – 2 business days to Ireland, which is next level. You get what you pay for

    Trinity is next level – after the first dose I felt this warm energy flow through my body and I felt more calm and ready to take on the day – I suffer from panic disorder and my anxiety has been hard to handle but already I know this will make life a lot easier for me. On my 3rd day and plan on ordering more samples to test their effects

    Great work here Gavin!

  7. Mo Bat (verified owner)

    i ordered a sample of nebula and shipping only took two days, it was very fast and quick delivery and the company were updating me with tracking of the order so i was not worried when will it arrive as it showed up 2 days later.
    my friend recommended it to increase your energy throughout your day and it did exactly that, i take it first thing in morning and fast until 1pm,my body felt energized with these herbs and the best thing about them is there are no crashes.
    i definitely recommend these herbs to anyone looking for alternatives as they are quality and provide result which is one of the biggest thing when it comes to a product. price what you pay is for quality herbs.

  8. Ibrar Rashid (verified owner)

    One word! WOW,

    If your reading this chances are you are skeptical, so was I :). Let me share my experience with you. So first I was online searching for ways to self develop into a better human. I then came across a famous Forex Trader I follow he recommend these Blends as they destroy fear and help you maintain mental clarity. And they help you become stronger physically and mentally. So I thought let me give this a try. I don’t believe I am weak in those areas but if I can improve when why not💪🏻

    Later I reached out to Gavin via the Telegram Groupchat for some more information. He leaves no stone unturned. It has been a pleasure to meet him as he has shared so much vital knowledge with me about the human body backed with tons of scientific research! That was when I decided I have to try this.

    So I purchased Trinity and Nebula as he recommend these two blends for me to help enhance my mental clarity and focus, he also sent me a free sample of Autonomous. They also help to incline your health as a whole! So my first day was pretty magical. I mixed 1/8th of a teaspoon of each into a black coffee on an empty stomach. And I fasted 20 hours that day, I now do this on a regular basis.

    How did the Blends make me feel?
    I felt lifted within half an hour. I then later went to work and everyone noticed I was in a much happier mood and I couldn’t stop smiling. I was extra confident and my focus was laser like. I usually make upto 3 mistakes per day as I work in the catering industry as well as running my own business on the side. However since I have started following Gavins methodologies and advice I haven’t made a single one for over a week. I am left in Awe about how amazing they really are. I also feel much more productive on a daily basis and I feel invincible sometimes 😉 I used to get agitated by small stuff but I no longer experience this.

    How did the blends affect my Physical Health?
    At first there wasn’t much of a change for the first 2 days to be completely honest. But after those two days I saw my stomach become much more toned day by day. I also noticed I felt a lot more energetic than before. My skin has started to glow more and my hair has become softer than before I’ve noticed. These are both things other people have noticed about me! 🙂 I have lost a lot of excessive body fat in a short amount of time even though this is not what I was aiming for, I am satisfied with it.

    Would I recommend them?
    I would recommend these blends to everyone and anyone! I would 110% recommend these! If you are looking to change your life and you are unhappy and feel as if tho you could do and become more and reach your full potential as a human. Then this could be a stepping stone, that’s what it has been for me. And I am glad I have taken the step even though I am only 19 years old I don’t believe you need to get to a certain age to start prioritising your own well-being, I will be a lifetime customer for sure. These blends will promote a healthier lifestyle for you , even when some of my favourite junk food is put on front of me I reject it even tho I have a strong sweet tooth. I could not have done this without the 3 blends mentioned above. Thankyou for you hard work Gavin, it will definitely be noticed.

    For those who may wonder how I take the blends, I have a black coffee each morning with the blends. I don’t eat any food until 7:00-9:00pm in the evening ( This is my feeding time) I also eat a balance meal each time to ensure I am getting the correct nutrition. I then take Trinity with a glass of hot water each night before bed. My quality of sleep has improved significantly. Another thing I also noticed was usually my alarm could be going on for 30 minutes and it wouldn’t wake me up before using the blends. Now as soon as the clock hits 10:00am and my alarm goes off by 10:01am my eyes would quickly open and I feel full of energy. Before I started taking the blends I would lie in bed for at least 30 minutes every morning trying to wake myself up. Even tho I am consuming less calories I feel much better, maybe less is more in that sense. Who knows?🤞

  9. Nastassja Dahl (verified owner)

    I’ve been taking Gavin’s products for about 6 months now. I was pretty much bed ridden and full of inflammation from an old car accident, auto- immune issues and fibromyalgia. I ordered Peel, Spice, ACB, Zombie Killer, Thermo, Trinity, Niagra, Autophagy , EKG, Supernova, Pine Pollen, and finally Apigenin. I was on 3 different narcotics, 2 different antI inflammatories and all kinds of meds for muscle and nerve pain. After talking with Gavin he helped me figure out what doses I needed to treat each health issue I was having. Slowly I began to see improvement starting with the fibromyalgia fatigue lifting . My chest pains I had began to calm down as I took the EKG. Trinity acted just like the benzos I had been on for 20 plus years and it really helped nerve damage pain. Autophagy I loved because it helped flush away inflammation and even if I wasn’t fasting and only doing a bone broth fast it still allowed me to stay in ketosis. Autophagy is definitely one of my favorites; a little goes a long way. When you mix Thermo with it it is even better. Gavin has really figured out how to make the blends work together for maximum gain. Peel and Spice and Pine Pollen in high doses really helped with the auto- immune flares more than anything. Gavins combination of Spice , Peel and Pine Pollen is amazing for attacking auto- immune pain , lymes disease and fibro pain..Lastly the Apigenin….. my liver came back as fatty liver from all the meds the drs had me on over the last 10 years but this powder really works amazingly for cleaning out all the old filtration systems. I really notice a huge difference when I take this product. ACB gave a relaxing feeling, I really enjoyed that too. These blends acted as a detoxer but also gave me my balance back in many areas of my body where pain was screaming out. I lost almost 60 pounds in 3 months following the dry fast lifestyle with these blends. You won;t regret using Gavins blends. Contact him with your specific needs and He will help you sort out your body for an amazing reset. Be prepared for a life changing body and physical results. Thank you Gavin for being so patient with me. I truly believe you are a gift. Much love.

  10. Jeroen Bronsveld (verified owner)

    Ok lets just start with saying that I feel GREAT! Like ALL the time! Looking back it is crazy to think about it (and I have only been using the blends for a month).

    And even though the above sentence says enough on it’s own, lets get into a little more detail since anything less doesn’t do these blends justice!

    Let me start by saying that the customer support is outstanding. Having joined the Telegram group (88/8), the sheer amount of information that Gavin shares on a daily basis and the amount of questions he answers tirelessly is amazing. Everything backed by science and all research provided for people to make their own informed decisions.
    The delivery is exactly the same, insanely quick (3 days to The Netherlands (order sent Friday, received it on Monday 09:00!!)) and the packaging, just great! All paperwork provided for customs so zero issues.

    I ordered Trinity, Nebula and Hypnotic as samples to try out and experiences the effects for myself.

    All I can say is WOW! The effects, for me, were immediate (and seem to be getting better day by day).

    I have been doing intermittent fasting for 3+ years now but just the normal 16/8 with water (lots of water).
    Started doing 22/2 from the day I got the blends and I have had zero issues with hunger and the overal experience is just effortless.
    Been doing 22/2 ever since and looking forward to keep this going!
    And the thing that amazed me was the fact that I use the fluid-restricted protocol and I have no issues whatsoever. Which I thought, with the amount of water I used to drink, would be my biggest hurdle. But there are simply NO issues.

    For me the most profound effects I have noticed so far are as follows:

    Mental clarity and focus as well as clean energy throughout my day. Not the sugar rush kinda of energy but a calm, focussed energy.
    And while I have never had issues with going to sleep, since using Hypnotic, it has been night and day difference when I wake up.
    Normally I would wake up with stiff muscles, somewhat of a groggy feeling and overal just not looking to jump straight out of bed.
    Now? I just wake up (no alarm needed), feel amazing right from the moment I open my eyes and zero muscle stiffness. Just well-rested.

    When noticing my own feelings as well as having to explain it to others it is simply this:
    “Effortless (smooth) energy and focus, all day, every day, no compromise.”

    Things are now just getting done, no more procrastination and I’m looking forward to try all of the blends in the future!

    Gavin has gained another life-long customer, that is for sure!

  11. Joshua James (verified owner)

    After a lot of hesitation and thinking, and contemplation I finally took the plunge and ordered some herbs, I first found out about these herbs from the trader on IG Kingshaunlee, he has been singing their praises for so long and seems to be very clear and focused on what his goals are on a yearly, monthly, weekly and daily basis. This is the type of clarity I have been craving for a long time. In my head I have a lot of circulating thoughts, some related, some completely unrelated with lots of ideas coming in and out, what I am trying to say is I find it hard to focus on one thing at any one time.

    I began by ordering a sample pack where I got; Seven Sages, Trinity, Nebula, Shilajit, Matcha, Thermo. I spent one week on each seeing how it feels, what my day was like, then i started stacking them and seeing how different, better or worse I felt. & While all of them have their places I felt like for me seven sages was the one which resonated well for my body, and my mind, With the addition of Shilajit from time to time. My energy was up, my anxiety gone, my stamina mental and physical boosted, my mood improved, my sleep much better, my awakening in the mornings much smoother with some level of excitement to get up and start my day to do the work that matters to me the most.

    I am currently 6months deep into taking these herbs and I cannot recommend them enough. My productivity and patience has also improved which bodes well for my work life and day to day human interactions!. If you are reading this, I would ask that you try at the very least the sample pack and pick some items you like the sound of. These are HIGH QUALITY herbs which have been sourced well meaning our bodies can absorb more of the nutrients, more so than we will find from some high street brands. Thank you for the herbs Gavin, life has been a lot better since taking these

  12. Christian Lyons (verified owner)

    I found Gavin and his Interstellar Blends brand through a popular trader I follow named Shaun Lee.
    I was slightly overweight from not being as active as I was used to during the covid quarantine and I also was seeking an alternative to Adderall which I’m prescribed. I became very interested in the methodology behind the combination of intermittent fasting and the blends that Gavin makes. I purchased the following samples: TRINITY, NEBULA, AUTONOMOUS, VICTORIOUS, and PURGE. Gavin gave me a sample size of SUPERNOVA for free with those orders.

    I have been taking these blends since August and since then I’ve lost 20 lbs. I was 215 lbs when I started taking the blends and intermittent fasting and as of right now I’m around 195 lbs give or take and feeling a lot better physically, spiritually. TRINITY, NEBULA & AUTONOMOUS are my favorite blends I usually take those with a cold brew in the morning while I’m in the middle of a fast that consists of anywhere between 18-22 hours long. They have provided me with STRENGTH, ENERGY, FOCUS but more importantly, I’ve become more DISCIPLINED AND ORGANIZED. I’ve had great workouts and am able to focus on my classes in my nursing program while on blends.

    I purchased VICTORIOUS when I came down with Covid-19 and it came in the mail 3 days after I ordered it. I was very fatigued and exhausted but when I began to take it and immediately noticed a difference and began to shake off the virus. I purchased PURGE and that stuff is potent, to say the least, lol. Make sure you have nothing on your agenda if you take that blend it’ll cleanse all of your bowels.

    Gavin is a no-nonsense, no sugar coat, straightforward type of guy who cares about his customers and people in general. He’ll answer any questions you have about the blends or whatever ailment that you’re trying to cure and guide you in the right direction, even if the questions are repetitive. With that being said I will be a customer for life. Thank you, Gavin and Intersteller Blends!

  13. Adam C (verified owner)

    I was introduced to Interstellar through a friend of mine. I reached out to Gavin after checking out the website and he couldn’t have been more welcoming, helpful and knowledgeable. I explained that I was looking for something to increase my energy levels (two kids and full-time work I don’t feel I had much of it!) and also, I was looking for something to get rid of my anxiety (which is severe) and bouts of depression.

    Roll on Trinity and Nebula. I ordered these two as samples from Gavin’s recommendation and I really wanted to see for myself if these products lived up to their name. I have to be honest I was a little skeptical ONLY because of all the various supplements and products I’ve tried over the years that claim to increase energy, get rid of anxiety etc.. Well they did not disappoint haha. Nebula.. wow.. Now this I’ve been taking first thing in the morning before a workout. It’s like a glorious boost of productivity and natural energy without all the jitters from pre workout/nootropic type supps. Throughout the day all the procrastination I used to have seems to disappear and I just want to get stuff done and not lie around feeling sorry for myself! Next we have trinity. Its like a beautiful, serene feeling of calm that comes over my mind. That constant racing, panicking feeling I would normally have seems to drastically reduce if not disappear! It’s a godsend basically.

    I’m nearly 3 weeks into the blends and I can’t wait to keep taking them and trying more lol I will say I have started 19/5 fasting, cut out all sugars/junk food and been taking cold showers daily. Personally, I believe if you want the best from the blends you really need to sort out the rest of your life because you could be wasting your time and money if your not willing to put in the work! Like why would you put these amazing, glorious blends into your body then stuff it with hot dogs and chips! If your sat on the fence just give them a go you won’t regret it I promise but you need to work on yourself as well!

  14. Tracy McCulloch

    I have been using Interstellar Blends for about 9 months now, and I will never, ever give them up. I love to research, and Gavin and the team provide so many scientific studies on the blends that give you confidence in what you are putting into your body. I started off with the Trinity blend, as I felt anxious and woke up feeling that life was hard. But, in a matter of one hour, my mood had changed to feeling calm and could face the day. You will see the difference once you take a break from the blends then restart. You can be tearful then within the hour, so positive and happy. Gavin generously sent me a free sample of Supernova, so I felt reborn with this energy-enhancing blend and the feel-good factor from Trinity. No need to await the light at the end of the tunnel. It was here.
    Let’s talk about ‘REWIRE’ (dopamine stopper). For me, this was ‘one’ of the most desired blends as I had been filling a void, using alcohol as a crutch for my emotions, and it became a habit. From day one, I have experienced a clear head as I suffered from mind fog. I could not believe taking a small dose of 1/8th would completely take away the desire for alcohol. I also noticed my thoughts were not on food constantly. This has continued over the last 10 days. I literally struggled with the alcohol issue for the previous 4 years. I was so disappointed in myself for not saying no when I knew I desperately did not want to be controlled by any vice. I was embarking on my self-love journey, and excessive drinking did not feel like self-love. I don’t want to give up drinking altogether but enjoy it socially every now and again, without worrying that I would crave more the following days. I put this to the test on day eight when having a few drinks with my dad (not excessively), and usually the next day, I would desire to have one or two more, but I had no craving. During this time, I suffered stress through a death in the family and other triggers. However, still no desperate feeling to fill the void with food or alcohol as a coping mechanism. This is a game-changer for me.
    Furthermore, Gavin advised that a glass of red wine with dinner was perfectly ok because of the benefits. I tried this with the slight fear that I may need another drink. Fortunately, this was not the case, so happy days.
    Another benefit of REWIRE is the creativity aspect. I have been making vision boards, journaling, researching and basically using my time more effectively, enhancing my life. I did all these activities previously but now find I am itching to do more. No longer looking for that vice to suppress my emotions, I use the blends to express them. As a result, feel much happier with total control over my life. Rewire is totally incredible. You can purchase a blend for just about every ailment you have, so please have a good look through the website and the genuine reviews from all the customers. The Interstellar team are amazing. Your product is packaged beautifully, shipped quickly, and you get so much advice from Gavin and the group members. It’s a win-win. I am grateful, thank you.

  15. Joseph Whittaker (verified owner)

    I’ve been using trinity, nebula, thermo and shilajit for about a year. But I want to shine light on Rewire. I ordered a sample early on, I’m an entrepreneur, real estate investor and father of 3…. I’m stretched pretty thin, and when I have the urge to partake in things that may not be the best, I sometimes give into those being I’m so disciplined in most areas of my life.
    But I remembered how you do anything is how you do everything, and giving in to masturbation or drugs or drink when you want to let go of the reigns a little bit isn’t an option to living a optimal life! Rewire has really helped eliminate those trip up points for me!

    All in all, the blends work. Gavin is a mad genius and I am thankful to have found this life changing product.
    With Intermittent fasting and these blends I have lost 100 pounds, cleared up a very dark time and mindset, learned multiple new skills, and overall pulled a life together that just 15 months ago I would have never thought possible. Bite the bullet, change your life and take a step in the right direction for you and you family

  16. Jeremiah Burns (verified owner)

    I was going to wait till I completed a full day of Rewire, but in all honesty the first dose was eye opening to say the least and my review wouldn’t change!! Clarity, concentration, and all the “mind clutter” just fell to the back ground! I compare it to walking out of a 2 hour yoga class with the calmness of Nameste:). Your tuned into an internal vibration with success and greatness at the forefront of you brain! Mind fog is gone! Vision is clearer! Thoughts of positivity arise! It’s like decluttering the mind to only focus on what’s real while eliminating the worlds “fluff”. I feel like I say this with every blend Gavin creates(believe me I take them ALL) but you have outdone yourself on this one! I call him the shaman of holistic medicine for a reason and this blend is an absolute testimony to his love and passion for what he does!! Thank you thank you thank you- this one will surely be added to my reoccurring order! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  17. Cynthia Mann (verified owner)

    I would love to share my experience with the REWIRE sample I purchased. I have what I feel is a carb addiction so I purchased it for that reason. However, the thing I most noticed was something I wasn’t looking for. I experienced a concussion 40 plus years ago in a car crash. The symptoms that were left after the accident were loss of ability to memorize. I was in college at the time on a music major and we were required to have a recital at year’s end but I really struggled with memorizing my pieces when prior to that I was very good at memory and in fact had done a military base wide concert by myself memorizing all my piano pieces but the duet that I did with another girl. I also have noticed all these decades that I have a very hard time to impossible time with instant recall. Someone can tell me something or pass on something I want to learn and if someone asks me about it I just can not pull up what was said. It is very frustrating to me. My memory has not been high functioning over all but recall when put on the spot was horrible. For this reason I avoided public speaking and I absolutely hate being asked questions or be required to do role playing. I also experience issues when I sit down to write posts on line or anything like that keeping focus and putting my thoughts together was an impossible task. It would take me hours to accomplish anything at all. I just started an online business and am being required to write posts and want to coach people so need to recall things to speak to them about and I have experienced fear in doing so because of my brain function inabilities. But the last few days of taking rewire with my blends I have felt like this is a thing of the past for me. I am actually enjoying writing. Not accomplished yet but I don’t mind doing it. I come up with ideas where before I would be stuck. I can focus. I am not fearful to speak live with people where as before I would have put off doing it because I was afraid I would look stupid if I couldn’t answer a question. I feel that that fear is completely gone. And not just because the REWIRE has given me my brain back but for some odd reason I just do not feel in myself that I am fearful of it any more. I mean it’s not just about my brain working better but I just don’t even think about that I can’t if that makes any sense. Almost like even if my brain wasn’t working well and I still stumbled I wouldn’t care. It is hard to describe. I do take all the fasting blends and I like and benefit from them all but REWIRE I actually wake up in the morning looking forward to. I normally just take blends as part of my routine and as a matter of course but it’s like REWIRE draws me. I look forward to seeing more and increased results over time! Thank you, Gavin for doing the research and putting a blend like this together!

    I am 64 so my brain working better than it ever has and after 40 years of stuggling is amazing.


  18. Stephen S. (verified owner)

    I started on my sample of Rewire three weeks ago. I have been taking it 1-4 times daily depending on how much work I was doing. The first few days I noticed an immediate improvement in a desire to take on tasks sooner rather than later. I was knocking so many tasks off my to do list, and it has snowballed now into lifestyle changes. After 4 or 5 days I noticed a decreased desire for caffeine as well. After 8 days in I noticed that I started to desire porn less. This was the main reason that I wanted to try out Rewire, and I am thrilled at its ability to break down a thirty year habit at this point. After close to two weeks, I noticed that Rewire was making it easier to listen to the rational thoughts in my mind, and noticed a marked decrease in anxiety as well. I am super excited to see where this product takes me!

  19. Alyssa Smith (verified owner)

    Wow! I have always believed in the power of the blends but this one really blew me away!
    Within 20 minutes of my first serving of REWIRE I could feel an enhanced sense of alertness and a sense of well being. This was a much appreciated shift from the underlying sense of anxiety that usually comes for me.
    I was noticeably less irritable and just felt great!
    Day 2-5 Was an entirely different; I had a lot of anger and heavy emotions come up and I couldn’t quite understand WHY. I saw a post from Gavin saying that while taking REWIRE these things could come up and it was an opportunity to FACE this shit and overcome it, so.. instead of running from these feeling I allowed myself to sit with them and feel them and low and behold work through them.
    The next day I take it again and I sit down to meditate I have such clarity and focus that I have one of the best meditations of my life one I would consider a breakthrough meditation.
    I am so grateful to Gavin for these absolutely incredible blends and his willingness to service his fellow humans.
    Thanks Gavin!
    I will DEFINITELY be getting more of this magical powder. 😂

  20. Audrey Misa (verified owner)

    30 Day Rewire Your Brain Challenge

    Day 1-5 I did the 100 mile challenge and I felt amazing my mind was at it’s greatest.

    Day 5-10 I still felt amazing; whatever I chose to do I could do.

    Day 10-20 I hit major childhood and Adult trauma. Grief on another level! I got so emotional, the difference! I didn’t even think to self sooth with an old substance addiction I had had for 30 years.

    Now I could sit in my emotions and know it too will pass.

    Day 20-30 I really could feel trauma from my brain correct itself.

    My self love is on a different level and my self respect.

    How I view life is very different now!

    I feel like Rewire takes you so far back to reveal things you may have not known how to cope with; it helps you really know you can conquer life no matter the trauma any difficulties one is facing.

    I suffer with migraines; haven’t had one migraine at all.

    Definitely will support Rewire; I had much anxieties prior, now I can do things and let go of things if I need to faster in a healthier way.

    Overall I love life and no matter the trauma I have been thru it doesn’t dictate my thought process like it once did all thanks to REWIRE!

    I’m looking forward to keep taking it. To always improve and better myself and my life.

    You are truly a God send.

    Thank you 🙏🏽

  21. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Rewire review
    I’ll start with a little history. My husband suffers with cPTSD from a history of severe childhood abuse. He has lived with triggers like yelling, spilling things, among many other things that often come up in everyday life. His responses to these triggers can include rage, emotional volatility, and a fuge state that leads to complete withdrawal from any comfort or reassurance. This can lead to a flip into headspace where every interaction feels like an attack or malicious attempt to take advantage. Along with a lot of self loathing, he would often spin in a negative self talk spiral which could last for days. Other people would often take advantage of the fact that being treated a certain way would shut him down and shut him up completely and he often felt he was repeating the childhood relationships that were so deeply damaging.
    Raised by a suicidal (11 attempts) mother who was addicted to pharmaceuticals. He was a full blown alcoholic by age 9 and he went on to spend an unusually long time in a Navy rehab program and later to an intense round or two with a meth habit. Jail and a new son changed things in 1990.
    These days, he has done much of the work himself, with over 30 years sober. When the opportunity to try Rewire came up we were very excited. Three weeks ago he started a new job and we are seeing so many improvements in emotional control and ability to remain functional under stress that it seems miraculous. Physically he has experienced improvement in tinnitus ear ringing and sleep. Emotionally he has noticed a vast improvement in ability to interact positively with people who in the past would have triggered him. A friend has noticed a drop in road rage moments on daily drive home.
    It’s hard to express just how valuable the Rewire blend has been for him. It’s like his inner child is finally free to heal like never before. Thank You Gavin! Next we’ll have to add Supernova and Glucose Blocker.

  22. Regina Cornelio (verified owner)

    I’ve been taking rewire for about 3 weeks now. Prior to taking rewire my mood and emotions were not very balanced. I was dealing with major brain fog, sluggishness and what I would self diagnose as major ADD. I have also had anxiety my entire life.

    I noticed results within a few days! I have more energy, focus and I noticed my mood is way more balanced especially having a few very stressful weeks. I noticed I am able to stay calm and have less anxiety while navigating some major life challenges at the moment. I am also sleeping better! I have to say this is only with the minimal dosage of 1-2 servings a day. I love how well this works and I don’t even have to maximize the dosage!

    I have been telling all of my friends and family to try this. I love how it’s all natural and I fully trust the ingredients. I feel like it’s truly healing and “rewiring” you, not just putting a bandaid on symptoms. I highly recommend rewire to anyone!

  23. Shayne (verified owner)

    I received the rewire and I’ve been using it. I can definitely say I’ve seen a change in my mental space I haven’t taken my adderal in over a month and I haven’t had any sexual urges in regards to watching porn or anything along those lines. I even put things to the test with going over studying material for a path I’m currently pursuing and I didn’t catch my mind drifting once like it usually did before rewire when I wasn’t on adderal. So having a natural alternative that doesn’t force my blood pressure up truly makes a difference and I’d like to thank you for giving me this opportunity.

  24. Janelle Shearer (verified owner)

    I’m a HIGHLY sensitive person. With a lot of trauma, abuse, but have been on a healing journey. I feel Interstellar could be the final key!
    I’m on week 3 of rewire by interstellar.
    About 30 minutes after taking the first time, I felt a small shift. I couldn’t put words to it. Just felt as though universe put a hand on my brain and said, “you’re going to be ok. I took just 1/8 tsp.
    And, I’ve contined to do 1/8 tsp daily. I am not hungry, I am not craving low energy foods. I was able to get SO much done. Not scattered brained, nor scattered energy. Not “all jacked up on Mt. Dew” energy. But, actual, vital force energy. Work is in order. Laundry is done. Bathrooms are clean. I’ve not taken a single allergy pill, which, I take between 3 and 5 daily due to over active histamines.
    I have hope. Hope that maybe just maybe I am going to be able to have a normal level of energy. Live like a normal person. I have been searching for something to help maintain my vital force, and 🤞, I have found it.
    Something is happening, a tectonic shift is taking place in my body. I’ve not even needed a xanax, or any wine, and stress hasn’t put me to bed. I feel ok. I feel ok and hopeful.
    I have hope!

    I also started my husband on the Rewire. After 2 weeks, he was able to go through clothing and possessions he’s held onto for decades. He was able to get rid of things, for the first time ever. He is off of 8 supplements and down to Rewire and a vitamin. He has mentioned several times that his hearing seems to be more sensitive as well.
    This supplement line is what our bodies have been searching for, to help aid in healing and well being.

    Blessings, Janelle

  25. Istvan Biro-Kelemen (verified owner)

    So I started to take rewire on 11th of April. I used it alone for a week. I haven’t fasted before and I was struggling with anxiety, stress, brain fog, lack of confidence, procrastination and I felt always tired (maybe because I used to smoke weed and drank a lot of coke so my blood sugar level was jumping up and down). I think because my body was full with rubbish and I used it twice a day, it hit me a bit slower. I started to feel real changes on my third day. My anxiety and worries are disappeared. I started to feel more confident and I was quite focused (compered to how I was before..) I had enough courage to go back to training which I think also helped to increase my confidence. I had enough power and control over my brain to start do fasting so on the 15th of April I started to do it and I was ok for 16 hours. ( I used to eat 3-4 times a day so for me, it was a big thing) It wasn’t so bad as I thought it would be and I was really keen to try trinity, nebula, supernova and the seven sages. Also, I wanted to have the maximum effect so I carried on with 20 hours of fasting during the weekend. I didn’t drink any coke and I kept my blood sugar level low. So on Monday 18th of April, I started to mix rewire with the other blends. I was on holiday on this week so it was easy for myself to keep myself away from sugar and stress (when I was stressed, I used to smoke weed). I think it was a bit too much for first because I felt a bit dizzy and I had nausea on this day. I reduced the dosage on Tuesday and I felt strong, focused, and invincible all day. I felt great in training at the evening. I carried on with the same dosage and the same protocol throughout the week until Saturday. I think I became a bit overconfident and I f*cked up my weekend because I went back to the old foods that I used to eat and drink. I felt horrible because of this and I thought i would never be able to change… I think I was a bit angry on myself so I did another 20 hours fast until midday Monday. I had the blend in the morning but I didn’t feel the same as the previous week. Anyway I was just carry on with 22hours fast with 2 hours feeding window. And they started to hit me on Wednesday again. I was full on with energy. I felt great and grateful. At this weekend I’ve done a 27 hour fast but I was starving to death at the end so I think I over eat myself again on Sunday. But because it was in my 2 hours feeding window, I thought it was ok and I didn’t feel bad about it. I went back to work on the week of the 25th of April, I kept myself to the 20/4 protocol however I had 2 cokes at the feeding window which I regret because I think it had an effect on the efficiency of the blends. I realized this week that I don’t want to smoke weed even when I feel stressed. I was very focused and I’ve done all the things that I had to do (fasting, training, and charting) I used to procrastinate a lot I tend to leave the important thing for later. I felt great through the first week of May. I strictly kept myself to the protocol and I kept myself away from sugar. I think it really helped to enjoy the full potential of the blends. I started to do cold showers on this week (which is a huge thing for me because I really liked hot shower and I could never imagine myself to do this). I was much more stronger in my mind this week than ever before. I went through 3 weeks with the new habits and I keep feeling myself stronger and stronger. I’ve got a lot of energy. It is much easier for me to wake up in the mornings, I’m focused throughout the day and I haven’t got any disturbing thoughts at all.
    I felt a bit skeptic at the beginning but I’m 100% confident now! I also found the blends a bit expensive but they are enough for months and if you divide the price, now they actually seem to be cheap and worth.

  26. Juan (verified owner)

    Where do I start…. REWIRE has been absolutely life changing. I’ve been taking it for 1 1/2 months and it has been working wonders for me. I now feel like I’ve been restored to my old self. The version of myself that was very focused and goal oriented.

    Prior to taking Rewire I was battling minor depression and constant fog combined with stress. I slowly started to put off task and eventually it got a hold of me. I knew I had a balance of some sort going on and needed a push to help me get back on track.

    I immediately noticed the effects of Rewire the first week. I started by taking 2 doses a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. The effects I felt the 1st week were quite noticeable. The biggest thing I noticed was my urges for bad habits that were holding me back almost went away after the very first few days. I dramatically decreased my alcohol intake. I also started to be more on top of all my tasks at work.

    I also noticed my motivation come back after the 2nd week. I started working out and eating healthier. Going on the third week I also started to notice that my sales more than doubled at work. I also started accomplishing more in a shorter amount of time. I can literally talk for days about how good this product is. A lot of my family and close friends noticed the changes in me and have now started taking rewire as of recently. I’m even more excited to see what Rewire is going to do to the life’s of those that I love. I recommend this to everyone!

  27. rethinkingreality (verified owner)

    Life changing blends FULL STOP.

    Gavin masterminded a blend namely ‘Rewire’ which was released on sample size this year, now I have been a customer for a while now and received the product as an extra with one of my orders which by the way is awesome.. what other company do you know that goes out of their way to ship out free added extra samples for the customer to try at their expense ?

    Anyways, the best way i can describe ‘Rewire’ would be as close to the Limitless film as you can possibly imagine, and no I am not selling you any dreams with this review, its the real deal, nothing comes even remotely close to this blend or what i have experienced using it for the past 3 months.

    Rewire literally as the name states rewires your brain, rebalances all the chemicals and gets your brain firing as it should be. From taking it the first day I could feel what I would describe as brain fog lift within 10 minutes of the first 1/8th scoop I tried and replaced with mental clarity, a sort of floatyness/ airy feeling about myself, i could feel any worry or stress disipate and could actually go ahead and work towards my definite goals and plans for the day without any wandering thought to distract me.

    One of the things that really blew my mind with this blend was the fact that when i encountered stressful situations or problems that i had to navigate when working, i remained calm and poised, i was also able to visualise in my mind a 3 dimensional perspective frame and actually step back and look at the image so to speak and see my old thought path to one side, and then to the other side, see the new conscious though path and be aware of how i would have previously reacted to a situation and go with the new though path route consciously, thats the best way i can explain that experience and it really had helped me to break through alot of mental barriers.

    My productivity and idea creation/generation has sky rocketed through the stratosphere, my work capacity has increased 3 fold with ease, with no side effects of any mental fatigue.

    I also recently picked up a bountiful collection of books recommended by gavin, bought them all at once, I just had the urge to read and expand the mind whilst running ‘Rewire’.

    I physically cannot stop reading in my spare time, I feel like my brain is a sponge and is ready to absorb a lifetime of knowledge from these books, constantly feeding my brain with new information and various approaches to thought pattern, recognition and mind expansion. Ive experienced nothing like this before.

    The blend packs a punch, i experimented to see how long i could notice the effects of rewire and i lasted about 10 days before i started to notice it wear off, and thats from a tiny 1/8th dose.

    This blend is a game changer

  28. Davina (verified owner)

    When REWIRE launched, I ordered it but hadn’t started taking it because I had just had our third baby and was going to resume blends after I was finished breastfeeding.

    When the day finally came to resume blends I was stoked! I had missed my blends/fasting routine. Now, with the pregnancy and postpartum I was doing well emotionally and physically…until the stress starting getting turned up from life happening.

    We started renovating our home, figuring out the new routines with three kids (2 of which are homeschooled), businesses expanding, all while wanting to be very intentional in maintaining a good marriage and relationship with my kids. I hold an extremely high bar for myself and felt like the stress was getting to me in a way that it hadn’t before. I would notice myself checking out more. Scrolling. Eating. Complaining. I was also becoming BORING. No new ideas were coming and the high bar I had held was slipping.

    Enter REWIRE.

    I will say, I have all the blends and have my favorites but REWIRE was the only new blend I added, and it was such a profound change!!

    It wouldn’t be accurate to say that REWIRE increased my capacity for stress, it was like it supported me in flipping the way I was looking at stressful situations. I also stopped silly activities that I was doing to check-out because I didn’t need them. I also have this fire to get shit done again. No more procrastination devolving into a cycle of plummeting confidence. These effects one after the other started building up more and more momentum! And in no time, I am back on track with my goals, ideas, and more importantly execution! All while having the emotional bandwidth to support my husband and kids.

    I messaged Gavin, asking for the birthday code to stock up on REWIRE. I told him, all of the blends are part of the team but REWIRE is the MVP.

  29. Scott Albutt (verified owner)

    So, I started taking re-wire a couple of weeks ago due to having anxiety and binge eating. After the first day or two I noticed I wasn’t binging anymore and I didn’t even put in any effort to achieve this, also the things that would trigger my anxiety didn’t seem to be effecting me anymore. My whole energy seemed to have shifted! The blends Gavin makes are on another level and do truly change your life! I’ll be forever grateful to have found such an amazing product. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  30. Atef Feta

    At first when I came across interstellar plan the prices scared me because I didn’t have much, but I thought to myself, “What if this stuff is the truth? and “What is the price to health?” I began my journey with Rewire. First off, let me mention what I had issues with. First, self control was big, from masturbating to porn, to impulsive reactions and simply drinking and drugs. I focused on bettering myself and changing my ways. It was hard for the first few months than I found interstellar, fasting and blending, found Rewire and said “Let’s give it a try.” After 2 weeks now being on it the stomach acid issues were gone by day 2, the sweet sugar cravings I kicked to the max after day 8 and weed and alcohol I stopped almost instant because the cravings were gone. Now I’m not sure if it was the combination of my will and the herbs but fasting is now nothing. I did the 4 day dry fast to kick off the herbing than I stayed consistent with a 22/2. It is so easy to function I feel like I’m absolutely glowing, porn and fapping is no longer a thing in my life; I am on a straight super human roll that I can’t seem to shake. I take my rewire daily at 12,6,12,6 and I’m at a top mental performance right now, the alertness, awareness, and the willingness to stay healthy and active are remarkable and I can’t wait to keep trying more of these products and find the perfect blends for me to go with Rewire. Having hair issues so super tonic hair is next on my list with trinity!! THANK YOU SO MUCH GAVIN

  31. Carlos Bonilla (verified owner)

    I’ve started taking REWIRE for a month now. The results I got were substantial I was able to think more clearly and have better focus than ever before. I initially got REWIRE because I suffered from a severe concussion and so far the results are amazing. I was able to be more productive and not have any mental fog in the middle of conversations. After suffering from my concussion I felt a disconnection from reality, REWIRE was also able to get rid of this which was great. I recommend REWIRE to anyone that is trying to improve their lives. Nothing on the market can beat the mental clarity and focus you get from REWIRE. I’m going to keep taking REWIRE because I know that it’s going to keep giving me great results. Thanks Gavin for the time and work you put towards these blends.

  32. Sudevika Okeahi

    This is my review for Rewire. However I am also taking Victorious, Trinity, Spice, Peel, & Glucose Blocker all together at least twice a day sometimes 4 times a day.
    At first Rewire was giving me headaches so I only took half the dose or at night just before bed. The headaches were only present until my body first purged all the heavy nastiness in my body. It felt like it was going in, and uprooting the heaviest weeds so I could start to heal & see more clearly.
    Slowly my life has been starting to turn around.
    My whole perspective on life is no longer talk, but actions too!
    I have very little desire for smoking weed now almost none, thank God cause it’s so draining & foggy. With the right blends I don’t think weed or anything is ever needed!
    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2003, so I got hooked on smoking weed to relieve pain, and just numb myself.
    I also noticed I was able to give up having honey with my blends! Now I’m like, “Bring it baby!” I am ready to mostly give up food and live on Blends! They are absolutely amazing!!!!!!!
    I have to be honest though I’ve been taking many of the different Blends for over two years now, and I feel like an absolute fraud!
    Yes my reviews were honest, but I was totally missing out, because I wasn’t fasting with them fully! Meaning completely replacing my food with blends instead of eating, for at least a few days.
    So everything turned around, when I went through a rough patch with my boyfriend recently, and ended up in total mental funk, heartache, anxiety, fear, stupidity & more. But that’s actually what saved me, because I couldn’t eat, or sleep at all for three days to start.
    All I could do was take blends.
    By some miracle I was aware enough to reach for them and trust. After day one absolutely zero headaches at all from Rewire I was even able to up the dose to double!
    I truly could feel the full impact of what living on blends does for you!
    They are miracles!
    I feel like I’m 13 years old again, I started my period at 11, so yeah 13.
    Everyday more pain leaves my body.
    I’m able to do stuff without so much mental stress, let go more, and trust the process.
    I had sex with my boyfriend for the first time in 10 weeks, and felt zero pain—only pleasure!
    And it was wild hard sex, but I didn’t bruise or feel worn out after. I felt alive, and like living again! I’m now on I believe my seventh day, & the only food I’ve had is once a day a tiny bit maybe a cup of organic puffed rice with raw plain organic yogurt to coat my tummy, and ground me a bit. I’m stoked!!!!!!!
    Gavin please live forever!
    To everyone who has any doubt about the blends don’t!
    They are absolutely priceless!!!!
    The money you need will arrive once you heal your mind, body, & soul!
    I do believe there isn’t anything they can’t cure, if it’s not your time to go from this body yet. Don’t wait dive in and thrive with Interstellar Blends today! Health & love is the only true wealth!
    I love you, & thank you beyond words Gavin & family!!!

  33. George Dinu (verified owner)

    I tried the samples of Trinity, Nebula and Autonomous. Myself, my mom and dad, and went on the blends with me at the same time.

    I took them and Gavin said I’d feel it within minutes, and sure enough I did.
    I wasn’t sure if this was a placebo or not but the effects were pretty instant.

    I noticed less fatigue, less brain fog, and I stopped drinking coffee, because simply I just didn’t feel like I needed it anymore.

    The same effects with fatigue and brain fog were felt by my parents also, so this is a pretty obvious effect.

    Lastly I started doing 2-3 day fast, and I really feel like the blends were a huge factor of this.

    I’m definitely gonna keep these blends in my life, it’s incredible.

    Also side note, I stopped taking about 3/4 of the vitamins I used to take on a daily basis

  34. Alex B (verified owner)

    I’m 22 years old & have been smoking weed basically everyday since I was 18. I tried to quit probably close to 20 times, & never lasted more than 5 days without weed. I bought the Rewire sample back in May & I’m now going on a month with no weed, no cravings for weed and I’ve never been more focused and consistent working on my businesses. A month may not seem like a long time but when you smoke weed everyday for years, you begin to think you can’t live without it.

    I was also diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 19, and took Ritalin / Adderall basically everyday. I was definitely addicted to it, taking 54mg of Ritalin & 25mg of Adderall (which is a shit ton) & having terrible come downs and withdrawals if I didn’t take it. Sure, it may have helped me with my focus, but the side effects were never worth it. With Rewire, I was able to completely cut Adderall & Ritalin out of my life literally instantly. With weed it took me about a month to get over it with Rewire but not with the pills. Absolutely zero side effects with Rewire, with a higher level of focus, energy & CLARITY than with Adderall.

    My quality of life & my lifespan were decreasing dramatically with my addiction to weed and these pills. To say that Gavin & his blends are a lifesaver is an understatement. I’m currently trying Trinity and will be ordering Nebula, Autonomous & Rewire again as soon as possible. From my experience, Trinity is less intense than Rewire but still provides incredible mental clarity & I feel as if negative thoughts truly don’t exist anymore. And if they do I can snap out of it quickly. I’m so excited to try the other blends and see how they help me with my businesses as well as my personal life. Thank you so much Gavin!


    ⁃ Alex B

  35. Carlos Bonilla (verified owner)

    3 months ago, I suffered a severe concussion. After the concussion I had tremendous brain fog and had a hard time listening to people it was as if I was disconnected from the world. I started following Gavin on twitter and I decided to give the total brain reset a try. I gave it a try because he said it can help with brain fog.

    After my first day using it, I saw that my mood changed I was happier and was laughing a lot more. The concussion also gave me severe depression. By taking rewired consistently for a month my depression went away it was outstanding! Also, during that month my brain fog started to clear up and I was able to listen to people more effectively. Rewired brought me back to reality and I was able to think more clearer way before my concussion which was extraordinary. Rewire also helped me with my low self-confidence. After a month using it, I was more confident in myself and my abilities but in a humble way.

    After the second month using it consistently my memory got more enhanced than ever before I am able to recall more things clearly. I am now more in present moment because of rewire. Rewire is not your typical herbs that you can get anywhere. These herbs are NEXT LEVEL they will completely change your life if you suffer from a severe concussion, I highly recommend it. It will help you tremendously give it a shot! If you want to have a SHARPER and CLEARER mind and want to have more CONFIDENCE in yourself, I highly recommend it to anyone because the results are OUTSTANDING!

  36. Damaris Solis (verified owner)

    I purchased my first Interstellar blends around 2 months ago: Rewire and Nebula. I have struggled with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, lingering symptoms left after dealing with autoimmune issues.

    I was intently looking for alternative supplements to help with energy. I didn’t realize that I needed to address the cognitive and physical systems , namely, my nervous system. Plus, my doctor suggested I return to my healthier weight as a way of lessening the stress to my overall health.

    My good friend suggested I try Interstellar. I researched the different blends on their site and was so impressed!! As a result of the conditions I have endured, I am extremely sensitive to anything I take in or apply. From the minute I started using Rewire and Nebula, I noticed cravings went away, I was calmer but energized at the same time, I noticed something else — my mind snapped back to attention!! Imagine being in a busy room trying to focus on what one person is saying, to then the room becoming perfectly still, and being able to hear that conversation fully.

    I look forward to getting more blends and experiencing the feeling I have my life back. I am truly enjoying my mental clarity and better yet, I started to lose weight again! Thank you, Instetstellar!!!

  37. Nathan (verified owner)

    I have been using Interstellar Blends for four/five months now since finding out about them through a trader called Shaun Lee in March. In that short timeframe I am already a lifelong customer as these herbs are simply just amazing! They are the best investment you could ever make in yourself; without a doubt.

    Anyway, after initially finding out about them I was hesitant in ordering due to the pricing, however I eventually decided to take the plunge and started off with Trinity , Peel, Spice and a free sample of Supernova. Within a few weeks I had clear results whilst following the 22/2 protocol, the noticable results were things such as clearer skin, improved mood, increased energy and decreased apetite.

    Then in April Gavin released a new prototype, Rewire: Total Brain Reset, which after reading a few reviews that had astonishing results i knew that I had to make another order. Along with this order I had some Nebula as well which is 4 times as strong as Supernova. Rewire is phenomenal, screentime has been cut down, increased ability to handle stress, no desire for bad sugary foods anymore and my brain just feels like it is working at full capacity now. Even after not taking Rewire for 7 days I could still feel the effects to some degree. Nebula literally gives warrior confidence and energy as described on the product info section—I feel unstoppable.

    At the start of July I took advantage of the 4th july sale for the Pain Blend Prototype free sample and wanted to order lots of other blends to try and have just recived the order at the beginning of august. I ordered Matcha, Shilajit, Senolytic, Autonomous, Sabretooth, Lutelolin, Glucose Blocker, ACB— so I am currently in the process of trying these out but from reading reviews I know I will be amazed with the results.

    Words can’t describe how unreal these blends are you have to try them for yourself to find out, if you follow 22/2 protocol and eat clean you are guaranteed results.

  38. Courtney Taylor (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Interstellar Blends regularly for almost 6 years now (I bought my first bag of Original blend in 2016!), and have been so consistently impressed by the very noticeable results that I have not gone back! As a little background, I have been heavily into health study and herbalism for about 20 years, and have experimented with herb extracts (especially from the Chinese and Ayurvedic systems) from many companies, always with small to moderate favorable results… however, Interstellar blends blow everything else I’ve had out of the water! I don’t want to wonder if something I’m taking is working… I want to feel it immediately, and see long term results happen in no uncertain terms.

    For the first few years I mainly enjoyed Original, Trinity, Seven Sages, Peel and Spice. This year I added in a lot of blends I had not previously tried (or extensively used), including Rewire, Niagra, Plush, Super Tonic Hair, Hypnotic, Nebula (which I had some previous experience with), and Victorious anti viral blend. All of these have been noticeable, but I feel like for my personal needs, the blends that have changed my life the most dramatically in the past several months have been Rewire and Nebula. I have a two year old who is still breastfeeding, and have had sleep issues for the past few years due to pregnancy and then being woken up by a baby/toddler several times per night. Even when she started sleeping better, it was like my nervous system was still wired to jolt awake in the night, and not be able to get back to sleep. I tried many supplements, herbs and food strategies for this, and nothing really made much difference, until I started taking Rewire, especially when I upped my dose from 1/8 tsp once daily to 1/8 tsp twice daily. I started sleeping so deeply and fully, like my nervous system unwound its previous pattern of waking up and feeling wired during the night. I am now regularly having the best sleeps I’ve had in years. The Hypnotic blend is also excellent, and I take it almost every night, but it was Rewire that really changed this pattern for me.

    All the blends I’m taking have really improved my mental clarity, energy levels, and “feel good” neurotransmitters. I am not at all overweight, but I have lost a few pounds just because I feel more satiated and functional on less food than before, and am able to fast for longer periods even though I’m still breastfeeding. My body just feels a lot better overall. To elaborate more on the combination of Rewire and Nebula, and why they’ve had such a profound impact on me: overall, I am a very confident person in almost every way. However, I’ve lacked confidence in one specific area — driving a car, especially on highways — for many many years, due to traumatic experiences of having random panic attacks in those situations, which made me lose trust in myself and my body. It has affected me to the point where I lost the ability and desire to drive myself anywhere for many years, which has restricted my freedom/opportunities, social connections, and personal happiness. Once I started taking Rewire and Nebula consistently, I have been retraining myself, ‘rewiring’ my own mental and emotional capability to drive (my physical ability to do it is already great), and have done more driving in the past couple months that I had in the prior ten years! I’m not all the way there yet, but I am making steady progress!

    I love these herbs, and feel like they’re my secret weapon!!

  39. Carri G (verified owner)

    Interstellar Blends Review
    I was referred to Gavin and his Interstellar Blends a couple of years ago. The monthly special provided a good starting point for me to experience a variety of blends. Since then, I have tried almost all of the blends and they have been amazing. Autophagy, Purge and Glucose Blocker makes fasting easy for me and are an integral part of my weight management.

    When Plush was introduced, I was very excited to give it a try. It is hard to pick a favorite blend but this may just be it. Within just a few days I noticed that my face was incredibly soft. Within a couple of weeks skin tags disappeared and age spots were fading away. My hair is super soft, shiny and now has minimal split ends. My nails grow quickly and are strong. This summer I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have cracked heels that I normally have to endure. This blend has literally benefited me from head to toe.

    Thank you to Gavin for his passion to help others. Gavin and his team provide exceptional service with high integrity. These blends have changed the quality of my life and I am so grateful.

    Carri G

  40. Deborah Jones (verified owner)

    Rewire in the house

    I’ve been down blends road before. I’m not new to this. I’ve taken the blends, did the 88/8 challenge and lost a lot of weight. Physically, I had it together. Mentally, it was a different story. Addictions to food (junk food, sweets, fast food) and alcohol. I allowed those addictions to rule my life. I have a juice glass with Minnie Mouse on the side that was bought for my granddaughter. She never got it, why, because it was the right size for my Tequila shots that I drank every night. Yep, that’s right, I was drinking at least 4-6 oz of tequila each night. For at least the past 2-3 years. I needed it to function. It became an automatic behavior. Get off work, fix the drink, shoot it down in one gulp in private. A glass of wine was my social cover. And the food was even worse. Can you guess that I gained the weight back and then some?

    Periodically, I would attempt the 88/8 and blends to lose the weight. Hey, I did it before, right? I can do it again. BUT these addictions were too strong. They were my coping mechanism to Covid lockdowns, empty nest syndrome, marriage not going well, parents health failing and almost losing both of them. I lost myself in the mind-buzz they created.

    Well, in waltzes Gavin with his Rewire. Talking ‘bout, it will fix your addictions, clear your mind, reconnect synapses or whatever. Yeah, right. So, I responded in the only way I knew how. “Take My Money, man!” I ordered three sample sizes and tried it out.

    I started with some 22/2s to get back into the swing of things. A week and a half into it, I realized that I was not drinking any liquor, NONE, at night. I had stopped drinking for a whole week before I even realized it. The head noises stopped. That voice that told me that I needed to gorge on food and drinks was/is very quiet. Did things get better in my life? I’m working on them, but I’m coping and that in itself is a victory. What about food you say, well peep this. My college aged daughter and her boyfriend are staying with us for 3 weeks until they move back to campus. All they eat is fast food and Dollar Tree noodles. For the most part, I have stuck with kimchi, sardines and salads. And I am enjoying it!.

    Started back with 88/8 this week. Cycle 1 is complete and I am down 19.2 lbs. Yes!! There are not thoughts on quitting, or cheating. You know the usual self-sabotage.

    I take all of the blends, I think. I have a lot of them. And they are wonderful. I am able to walk 10 miles a day and be able to get up out of bed the next morning, The chronic ache in my right ankle is gone, the ringing in my ears is gone. With Glucose Blocker, my blood sugar stays between 79-95.

    I am a black woman who has been braiding hair since I was 10. Learned it from my momma! At the blessed age of 54 (soon to be 55), I have a side-hustle braiding hair. Depending on the size, amount, and length of braids, it could take anywhere from 3-12 hours to do a style. Before I started back on blends, I would have to frequently pause to ice my hands because of carpel tunnel and my finger seizing up. In the past month, I have done 4 heads of hair and nottafinger seized, nor did a tunnel carpel. Wondrous!!!!!

    I owe it all of this to the blends. They help me in so many ways, but the Rewire is the icing on the cake for me.

  41. Revin Zabala (verified owner)

    First off, I am grateful I have found Gavin as he changed my life in different ways, with the blends and learning how the “actual” body mechanic works. I’m blown away on how much shit we believe on the media on how to live a long prosperous life.
    First blend that really hit me to the core was his first creation he ever made is trinity. I was always be impulsive in whatever I did, especially communicating with people I do not get along with,
    it gave me the cool, calm, and collected type of vibes like I have been meditating for months, staying calm cool collected thinking before I speak, and the number one thing that really helped me with trinity is talking to people
    and having the self-awareness knowing when to not say the unnecessary things. Especially my mother as she is overprotective off me, reminding me things that I already know like almost every day and I usually get irritated and anxious, and talk
    talk back in a louder tone of voice, but
    fasting and blends would help me just respond back with a calm voice instead of screaming haha.

    Second blend(s) I would choose either one of the two, Rewire, and/or autonomous. Because I’m taking almost everything on the list of blends. Never had intense flow state in my life of studying/ learning a craft, deep work as they call it. Not having your brain
    wonder off while doing task and easier starting a new good habit, easier to stop bad habits, and the most important benefit was brain fog dissipating after taking my first dose of never again it returned to my life. Also adding luteolin to the mix
    help with memory retention. Over the months people would complement me memorizing past moments, or even phone numbers was a truly great feeling.

    My other problems I had internally was looking like a zombie, eyes blood shot red heavy eye bags (as I do not get enough sleep) people asking me if I even sleep every day. Senolytic, and Jing Force. Both blends helped create blood flow, by
    removing dead cells, that’s clogging the area especially my eyes since I have no blood flow running through my eyes maybe my brain as well haha! Also cleansing my kidneys from all the partying in my younger years. Now I look like a normal
    healthy human being

    These blends in general created a more enhance version for myself as it created a discipline and self-control, and learning every day from his post every day.

    Thanks, Gavin, for everything completely changed my life 180 degrees. I do not know what I’d do without these blends. :))

  42. Tom Alberkant (verified owner)

    I always believed that I was impulsive and erratic naturally because of how active my mind is. Seems like I could never get any mental calmness or inner peace because of thoughts and emotions CONSTANTLY flowing. So I started with Trinity. Took about a week of taking it twice daily in coffee and my mind just silenced. Felt like I put on a pair of mental earplugs and all the noise was able to mute itself. Found myself having much more efficient and concentrated work, clear thoughts which led to clear intentions behind my decisions. The impulsive behavior I had before, which I believed was just natural, was finally able to be controlled and I didn’t feel any mental crash like you would with some other ‘mental supplements’ sold.
    Next was Rewire. This blend should be at the top of everybody’s list. Read all the reviews about it and they still don’t do it justice in the slightest. Any sabotaging addictions, thoughts, beliefs I initially had I first was actually to become aware of them, then the longer I took Rewire it seemed like they just went away with no inner conflict. It did take about a week for me to begin noticing these changes happening but 1 month in and the personal growth I went through just from removing these sabotaging behaviours is crazy. I would also definitely recommend doing some form of intermittent fasting with the blends as their effects are more potent
    Overall I am blessed to have came across Interstellar blends and to find someone as passionate about personal well-being and health as Gavin is.

  43. Rich Ryan

    I’ve been using Interstellar Blends for about 7 years now, and ReWire is absolutely astounding. I would put it #2 on my list after Trinity. For mood lifting, mental clarity and all-around health support, Trinity is the best. It’s Happy Powder. However, ReWire takes everything to the next level.
    Are you lacking motivation in your life? Do you procrastinate? Lack direction and focus? Not good at making plans and following through? Do you have issues dealing with people? Do you fail to stand up for yourself? Have trouble drawing boundaries? Always taking care of others and never yourself?
    ReWire will kick all those problems to the curb. You will have a brand new personality after taking this stuff. You’ll wake up thinking, “Hey You! Yeah You! What are you going to do to make your life great today? Well let’s get up and start doing it!”
    “Remember that plan that you had to start your own business? Or work on your relationship? Or start a new hobby? Or start doing more activities with your kids? Or start eating healthy and fasting? Well, now we’re going to start working on all that stuff TODAY! Not tomorrow, TODAY. NOW! BOOM!”
    That’s the attitude that ReWire gives you. No BS, no Drama, all action and focus. 100% Motivation. And the effect is smooth, not harsh. Take a bunch of Nebula, for example, and people will step out of your way as you head down the sidewalk. With ReWire, it’s just the right touch of firmness. Just the right amount of focus and drive. All those wishy washy time-wasting behaviors that you used to indulge in, just won’t appeal anymore. ReWire will focus your brain and get you going. Addictions and lackadaisical behaviors just won’t hold the same power over you anymore.
    Combined with Autonomous and Trinity, it’s an unbeatable combination for anyone who wants to perform at peak levels.
    Amazing Blend!

  44. Tina (verified owner)

    Wow where do I start. I started taking interstellar blends at the end of 2021 and nothing in words can describe how they have levelled up my mind, body, spirit and changed my life more in more ways than I could ever imagine. Life is just amazing & I am thankful for Gavin everyday. I am completely off all medication & I just love life so much. Before blends, I was pretty much a walking zombie; constantly getting sick , health issues, on and off medication, I yearned to feel ‘normal’ and I can finally say I am at that point right now and more. Let me give you a summary of some of my favourite blends:

    TRINITY : Before meeting Trinity I was a complete daily mess of anxiety & depression. I would have several panic / anxiety attacks a day & I still remember waking up with my heart feeling like it was off the charts and completely dreading the day. I didn’t want to do anything, I had such a negative outlook on life & was in constant victim mode. I’ve done a complete 180 on Trinity, she’s made the biggest impact on me & I could never live without it again. I don’t have anxiety anymore & I wake up so excited to welcome what the day holds for me. I am so full of gratitude for being alive, I love life so much! Everyone around me constantly describes me as a ray of sunshine. Trinity has helped me fix my relationship with myself, and of course that trickles into my relationships and daily life.

    PLUSH : I am so thankful for Plush as the last medication for me to get off was the contraceptive pill. Like many girls , I was put on it when I was a teenager for acne, supposedly caused by ‘hormone issues’ and had been struggling to get off it for the better part of 10 years. Whenever I tried to get off it, the acne would come back full force , mood swings, my periods super irregular. In May this year, I started on Plush and that was the last time I was on the pill. My acne has NOT come back at all, my periods are regular now, I don’t have any PMS symptoms and I finally feel like my body is a part of me. In a sense I finally feel like myself , I love my body and self now and that’s the best I can describe it. ALSO, I have always looked younger all my life , I am currently 27 and would get mistaken for 20 – 23 all the time. But now new people I meet are shocked I am even over the age of 17- 18! I believe this is because Plush has cleared up old acne scars & sun damage/ pigmentation has also lightened up over the last few months. My face also seems more lifted then it did before Plush as if my skin is producing a lot of collagen again – before Plush I noticed my jowls had began to start drooping, in which I assumed the normal ageing process was starting , but now that’s gone too!

    SPICE & PEEL : All my life I struggled with allergies, I felt like my body was allergic to everything that was part of the earth. I was constantly on a cycle of having hay fever, eczema and hives & one day I realised I had none of these… for months which had never happened before. I don’t remember the last time I touched an anti-histamine pill nor be covering myself in steroid cream. I don’t wake up sneezing or with a blocked nose, I don’t come back with rashes anymore when I go hiking or bush walking. Any cuts I get or bruises heals FAST within days. It’s also eliminated all inflammation I would experience from allergies as well.

    REWIRE : This has to be my favourite blend on par with Trinity for eliminating distractions. Although never being professionally diagnosed due to my refusal to be on medication, I know I have what they call “ADHD”. Rewire, just shuts down the constant chatter in my mind and makes me get things done! I don’t procrastinate nor zone out anymore, and tasks don’t feel like heavy chores. It has stopped me from thinking about food all the time, kept me on strict 22/2 sometimes even longer, eliminated my shopping and nicotine addiction & I have even become the best performer in my team at work. People are sometimes baffled at how I am so efficient, whilst producing top quality work & how great my attention to detail is sometimes. Anything from time management to money management is great now. I understand new concepts so so easy now – currently undertaking a couple courses & it baffles me how I feel like I’m on the ‘limitless’ pill at times. Things just click!

    STOMACH RESET COMBO : And lastly, a homage to Helico , Paraslayer & Purge. To sum it up before introducing this trio, for as long as I could remember, I was struggling with constant food intolerances, insane bloating , gut and digestion issues. Sometimes I would eat & I would automatically throw up, or be in digestion pain for the whole day / night. This trio cured it all. It did take 2 – 3 months or so to clear everything up as my issues were very much in the deep end , but just like my other past health issues, I can’t believe how i am ‘normal’ now. Food makes me so happy now & I am just so grateful I have a beautifully working digestive system now.

  45. Ray V (verified owner)

    Interstellar Blends have been completely life changing!

    From the start of my journey with blends, Gavin has been there to answer any and every question I may have literally within minutes no matter what time or day of night. I’ve NEVER experienced this level of customer service.. let alone from the actual owner of the company.

    What I’ve found to be the most helpful part is that all of the medical and scientific studies are also posted in the telegram and website for you to review.

    I am a trader and have been practicing mindfulness meditation, diaphragmatic breathing, etc. and to maintain a calm and disciplined mind.

    The blends have completely taken me to a new level.

    My top 2

    Trinity is a must have at all times. After realizing the chemical warfare we’re facing every single day with the food we intake loaded with MSG, carcinogens, and many other substances that alter mood, thoughts, and overall performance etc. Trinity literally destroys the Fear, Worry, Anxiety and replaces it with a Calm, Clear mind.

    This was also huge for me as a trader being that it can be extremely stressful at times.

    Rewire is easily starting to take over as my favorite blend. I remember when Gavin first mentioned that this blend would help with disassociation and also addiction. It caught my interest 100%

    I have dealt with periods of time where I felt completely out of whack with my mind and body, brain fog, just overall feeling like my brain is not working as it should.

    Especially when it comes to effort into things that require elongated periods of focus and time.

    Rewire completely obliterated those feelings of brain fog and disassociation and put me bag in the “drivers seat of my mind, body, and thoughts.”

    I’m extremely grateful for all the time, effort, and work Gavin puts into his products because I know for a fact it’s changing lives around the world.

    On top of that, he also gives 50% off to all of his customers on their birthdays as a thank you!

    There’s nothing else out there that remotely compares to Interstellar Blends!

    I advise ANYONE who feels that they’re ready to take themselves to the next level and experience how AMAZING we are meant to feel each and every day to try out these blends immediately!

    Thank you again Gavin for your generosity and dedication.

  46. sanjeevan padda (verified owner)

    For those that are thinking about getting into blends but don’t know where to start, or maybe even be a little bit skeptical of the blends because of price I recommend you go with purge. Suffering from chronic constipation for years, and “IBS”, I can safely tell you that purge is the antitode to all of it. Gavin has provided a quick, cookie cutter approach to solving these issues, as well as shredding weight down like no other protocol on the face of this earth. I Have regained control of my life with purge and am now able to eat accordingly, function day to day without any cramps or pains which are caused from severe constipation. Energy levels are also at an all time high once I was able to solve these issues.
    Purge is your friend, not that nice friend, but the friend that tells you things for what they are. This specific blend is not a feel good blend, it is designed to flush your system out of any garbage that may have been dormant for any number of years. The damage that has done to ones body can be resolved surprisingly within a a few weeks at most with purge, again it is not something you are going to feel good with right away, however once you have went through the purge protocol you will see and feel the differences right away. My first dose of purge was 1/8tsp and let me tell you that I never felt that great in years. The reason is I finally was able to flush out any toxins and waste that was dormant, or simply wasn’t getting out of my system to due constipation. Your body weight is also able to strip down very fast due to this protocol that Gavin has devised.
    In summary, if you are looking to lose weight or like myself suffer from IBS, and/or constipation I HIGHLY recommend that you choose purge. As someone that has tried husk, Metamucil, and psyllium husk I can tell you this blows any of that garbage out of the water. The fact that I was able to flush my body out COMPLETLEY within 3 days of purge and feel amazing, tells you how powerful and efficient this blend really is. Paired with other blends to help you feel good and sort you out neurologically, well that’s just a recipe to feel good and limitless success.

  47. Wangu Sola (verified owner)

    I truly didn’t know what to expect when I order the Rewire Interstellar Blend. I first stumbled across Interstellar Blends probably 4 years ago and it was only recently that I decided to make an order. I wish I had ordered earlier honestly because WOW!!

    I ordered Rewire because I needed a blend that I felt would address my needs, and being a sample it afforded me the opportunity to test out the blend at an affordable cost. The results have been great thus far. I’m somewhat of an over-thinker and I tend to be anxious and a procrastinator… Rewire has helped in inducing a calm mind-state. I function much better since taking Rewire, my mind is clear, I don’t struggle with taking immediate decisions. It’s truly a great blend thats also assisted in me getting off certain addictions.

    I’m now confident to order more blends, and look forward to taking them. Not to sound dramatic, Rewire blend is truly a game changer. Thanks to Gavin & the team for including the chlorogenic acid blend for free. I’ve noticed a great weight loss since incorporating the chlorogenic acid. Interstellar blends all the way!

  48. Ron Mario (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered my first batch of blends in September which were Rewire, Trinity and Autonomous and they changed my well being within just four weeks. It’s crazy!
    I was very skeptical mainly because of the high prices but these blends are just outstanding. I’m more focused and calmed. I’m getting things done. No more brain fog. It’s gone!
    The blends improved my sleep during the night – no need for power napping during the day anymore. I sleep through the whole night without waking up anymore. I can see the biggest changes in my mood during the day and people around me notices it too. I feel so calm, happy and confident. It’s feels good waking up in the morning and looking forward for the day. Interstellar gained a life long customer. Thank you for the blends! Life changing!

  49. Maria (verified owner)

    On Rewire, Niagra and Plush. After recently giving birth, my world was a total blur of hormones and stretch marks. Emotions ran my every move and my mood swings were epic, usually swinging to the negative if I wasn’t making a concerted effort. Knowing a better way to deal with post partum life had to be out there, I turned to Gavin for support. First of all – Niagra should be mandatory for all new moms. Not only were my emotions suddenly balanced, but I started to actually feel like a woman again mere days after starting. Sure, giving birth is inherently traumatic, when else is a woman so close to death as when she is in labor giving life? Those first few days I wasn’t sure I would ever feel feminine again, and thankfully Niagra was there to the rescue. Now let’s talk “tiger stripes”. I was lucky to not have many stretch marks after carrying for 39 weeks and 3 days, but I still wanted the few I have gone. I noticed a difference in my face after 1 week on Plush, and 2 weeks in I noticed one particularly gnarly stretch mark on my lower abs was evening out discoloration wise. I am also noticing color returning to my face, even with being up every 2 hours to feed a newborn. I can’t wait to see what this stuff does with more time. And now for the kicker: rewire. My focus was shot as a new mom. The sleep deprivation and flight or fight mode learning my baby’s cries for the first time had me scattered completely. Rewire calmed all of the static behind my eyes – that hollow buzzing you get when your body is exhausted and unable to process anything visually? Gone after the second dose. This trio has been my go-to set of tools to live this next phase of life on my terms and for my maximum fulfillment. No longer am I pining for who I was before having a child, or worrying about ‘snapping back’. The inner peace and confidence in myself to tackle the day to day and dominate the shit out of it is unparalleled. I can’t recommend this trio enough to any of the moms out there desperately looking to find some spark of recognition in the mirror. You are still there, you haven’t lost yourself. You’ve unlocked a divine super power. You owe it to your children, your partner, and yourself, to claim that power. These blends pave the way to do so in record time.

  50. Kristen King (verified owner)

    Let’s just start by saying if you’re not ready to be your best version in this life stay away. I’ve been on blends for over a year now and I am currently taking 21 different blends but I do have some favorites. They include trinity, nebula, rewire, paraslayer (forever), helico, victorious and now the spaceborn. My whole family takes these blends including my 3 dogs. The clarity, sharpness, balance, and overall happiness we feel on these blends is out of this world.
    Let’s talk about the stomach reset which was the first combo I bought. I had no idea at the time but hellooooo parasites, I didn’t realize I had so many! Wow! It took me down lots of parasite rabbit holes. I’m convinced now they are the root of all disease. I’ve also read ingredients on other companies that sell parasite meds (cellcore) and Interstellars matched plus many more. It’s a win-win!!
    I tell anyone who wants to listen about the blends. It’s become our families Healthcare policy as I’m not interested in our shitty so called Health system in the US, it lies, steals, and kills! My morning coffee is now my favorite time of the day, it’s like I’m putting on my armor for the day!! Thank you Gavin, your blends are truly amazing and life changing. You have a customer for life! ❤️

  51. Lisa Adams

    Interstellar Blends
    I was led to Gavin’s blends a couple of years ago while on a quest to do a successful long term fast. I found that he has the blends to not only suppress cravings but to go to the source and eliminate them. He also not only stands by his products but literally is available what seems to be an unattainable 24×7 when you might be experiencing a purge from your body while using PURGE and having trouble deciphering which bodily portal the elimination process is trying to use.
    When using the blends exactly as directed the results are phenomenal! Even at times when admittingly my taking them in a half-assed approached has alleviated stress, knee injuries, hip pain (to the point I barely can walk and my husband screaming, “you need a new hip”)
    Even while getting COVID (was not taking blends as I should, take the VICTORIOUS daily!) I started fasting and taking blends and the COVID went away along with the dreaded hair loss 3 months later. I have just turned 57 and at my annual physical my doctor said had he not known me he would have thought I was 20 years younger. I definitely attribute my sustained youth to Gavin and his dedication to his quality of blends and clients.
    Lisa Adams

  52. Heidi (verified owner)

    Rewire and Spaceborn AMAZING! Exactly what I needed in life. I had been drinking A LOT since a recent shift in my life. To the point I would pour a drink as soon as I walked in the door from work and drink until I passed out. I have ZERO craving for any sort of alcohol! I was definitely not going down the right path. Total life changer for me! I have laser focus, crazy motivation and so much energy. Gavin – I owe you a huge THANK YOU for helping me get my life back on track and going in the right direction again. You are amazing in every way! THANK YOU!!

  53. Luis chavez (verified owner)

    Well where can I even start? I sat on the side lines for many years just observing Interstellar Blends by recommendation of Shaun Lee. I watched Gavin’s movement before I ever considered pulling the trigger. It wasn’t until I saw that he had remedies for psoriasis which is what I have been suffering from for a few years now so I figured hey this is my chance! I pulled the trigger and it has been the best decision I have ever made!! No regrets whatsoever

    To begin I started off with stomach reset combo and let me just say it has been a game changer for me. In just the short amount of time of me trying it out I saw more positive results in a week than any cleanse/ diet I have been on the last couple years. The alleviation my stomach felt was next to none and don’t even get me started on that PURGE!! Feel the burn baby it takes a lot of mental strength for these powerful blends but in time you too will feel invincible using them. What’s quite amazing is that months after the stomach reset you still feel the effects and how much it has changed your body. Foods that used to be really hard to digest for me became a thing of ease. It was almost like I hopped into a whole new body.

    After this amazing cleanse I tapped into all the other blends and I just have to say I CANNOT just choose one they’re all so exquisite in their own ways. From someone that has dealt with addictive personality issues these blends have completely transformed my way of being I am much more calm and collective now. I do have to give a standing ovation to a few particular blends however those would be SPICE-PEEL-TRINITY-REWIRE- VICTORIOUS

    These blends have absolutely transformed me as a human being and have made my relationship with my psoriasis condition so much better. It hasn’t gone away completely but these blends fight and they fight hard!! They have managed to give me more progress than anything any hospital or clinic could possibly offer me. The amount of relief and satisfaction I get out of life makes these blends so worth it. Whether you’re dealing with any mental issues or physical or you simply want to live better. INTERSTELLAR BLENDS is the ultimate championship elixir of life just scoop some of those magical blends into a perfectly brewed cup of coffee and enjoy the ride! I feel absolutely proud to be part of this movement of fasting and achieving optimal health because at one point I just wanted to give up.. now that I know about these blends my life has forever changed. Thank you Gavin for all your hard work 💯 BAAAMMM!!!

    There is so much more to be said about each individual blend but that would take an entire book to write! In a few words I’d describe the blends as


  54. Ciaran Cato-Goddard (verified owner)

    Where do I start with Rewire!? I’ve used a lot of Gavin’s blends but none of them have impacted me like Rewire has. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and it’s literally done exactly what is says on the tin, rewired my brain.

    I’ve always felt I was quite a productive and focused person but I’m at a completely different level now. I have 0 time for anything that doesn’t help me grow. The average daily screen time on my phone was at 10, 12, 13 hours before Rewire, it’s now at 2. I’m up at 5AM every single day and more or less straight into work, I work out every single day and even twice when I have the time. I have complete focus on constant improvement and development. I’ve always been in a good place physically but mentally I always felt there was something missing. I’m now in the best mental space/condition I’ve ever been in. Brain fog and procrastination both completely gone.

    Rewire is definitely the best blend I’ve tried. The price is OUTSTANDING for what it provides. Big shout out to Autonomous too, works great in combination with Rewire. Amazing duo for focus + concentration.

    Huge thank you to Gavin for all of the work he does, the blends he’s created and everything else he does to help. Blends + 22/2 really feels like a cheat code.

  55. Jacquelynn Brugman

    For me, the The Interstellar Blends were a game changer.
    I discovered the blends a few years ago while looking up info on dry fasting. I often use fasting to refocus and get grounded during stressful periods. My job is mobile and very physical, so my body would start to get tired by day 4. I was reluctant because I have tried hundreds of supplements over the years without stunning results. But after reading a Ton of information( I absolutely Love how much info is listed on the site) and all of the reviews, I bit the bullet and ordered a combo pack.
    The day after my golden envelope arrived, I began a 3 day dry fast using the blends as recommended on the packaging. I felt so amazing by the end of day 3 that I continued on a water fast for 11 more days! During that fast(and all since I found the blends), I had more energy, focus, endurance, and strength than I have ever had in the past.
    About 10 days ago, I received a sample of Rewire. I was super excited to try a new blend, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. November and December are my busiest months, and by the week of Christmas I was exhausted, and having to drag myself out of bed in the morning. By the 3rd day of taking Rewire my eyes were popping open in the morning without hitting the snooze 2 times. By day 4 and 5, my awareness, concentration, focus, and comprehension were totally back on point. Another amazing product by Interstellar Blends! Thank you Gavin!
    I am looking forward to adding the rest of my blends to the Rewire and starting the new year off right with a good, long, fast.

  56. Amelia

    Rewire review

    I have been taking rewire twice a day for the last 10 days and could feel effects almost immediately at day two. Dose one, I take in black coffee first thing in the am, then the second dose at lunch in grapefruit juice as directed.
    My mental clarity is is laser focused. At work, I am able to easily plow through my work load without any distractions or breaks. Over the weekend, I tackled decluttering and organizing the garage, plus the rest of the housework which are tasks I typically put off or procrastinate. I feel energized until bedtime, then sleep and wake easily.
    Rewire has been a game changer for me, I definitely recommend this blend. 💥💥💥
    Thanks so much Gavin!

  57. Catherine OSullivan (verified owner)

    Hello Gavin here is my review on Rewire:
    I had the privilege of receiving a sample of Rewire and have been using it about a month now. I take Rewire in the morning with coffee and in the evening right after my 2 hour eating window. My experience has been subtle on Rewire which I like, let me explain: I felt I didn’t need to be “rewired” but wanted to see what this new blend was all about, what it did was rewire my priorities and choices. I am fortunate that I no longer work in the healthcare industry due to downsizing that took place before Covid. My winter days in the north county are peaceful, reflective and spent planning our spring/summer garden projects on our property. So along comes Rewire and I’m doing my spring cleaning in the winter! I no longer spend wasted time surfing on my IPad and during my 2 hour feeding window I’m consuming less wine and opting to savor the glass I have in front of me. Thank You Gavin and your Interstellar team for this beautiful blend! A blend I didn’t think I needed but thankful I was given the opportunity to try it! Blessings ☘️ Catherine O’Sullivan

  58. Braden Evnson (verified owner)

    I recently ordered a sample of rewire. Wow. Im 18 years old and i had some focus problems as well as this brain fog I have had for a while. After taking this with coffee in the morning I feel amazing! I never used to be a morning person, I could never wake up or find motivation to do much of anything. This blend really gets my day going and I am beyond thankful.

    As far as rewire goes, I would 100% recommend it. I recommended a friend of mine with a vaping problem rewire because I heard of its ability to help fight addictions. He went through the whole sample and no longer vapes which is crazy to me how some of these blends can change peoples lives. Rewire has totally helped me change my routine and my schedule and I am more productive than ever. I have heard great things about Nebula which I want to order next because of it’s ability to help improve focus and concentration.

    As far as fasting goes, I don’t do it. I love going to the gym and my goal is to gain weight not lose it. I have a fast metabolism so I have to eat a lot. So if i’m getting these results in my morning, imagine the results you can get throughout your day if you are fasting. Im writing a 5 star review and I haven’t even experienced the full potential of these blends! Mentally wise physically wise, and overall, these blends have you feeling amazing and can really change your perspective on life.

  59. Maria (verified owner)

    The morning routine that rocks my day is this combo in coffee… SUPERNOVA, TRINITY, PEEL & SPICE, REWIRE, and recently added TITANIUM for bone density. Going into my 70th year, and I’m feeling focused, strong, and unstoppable! Next up is GAINZ with my new 30-minute daily exercise program :). Gavin, thank you for creating and sharing these life-changing blends!

  60. Violet Violetov (verified owner)

    I bought rewire for my uncle who was struggling with alcohol dependence for decades bowever since he started drinking rewire I’ve seen a big improvement in his behaviour can’t say that he stopped drinking but at least he slowed down now is no more aggressive and look like he is no more dependent on the alcholol like if there is none there he wont search for any at all which is a different from eath to the moon for hem i am amazed from the difference. Keep doing the good work guys you are changing peoples lives here . Much respect for Gavin and team for providing us with the best blends they are !! Highly recommend trying them !!! Amazing work

  61. Callum B (verified owner)

    I just wanted to say thank you to Gavin. What he has done here with the blends and fasting is amazing! Truly life changing!!

    I will give a bit of a background on where it’s pulled me from. 2022 was dark for me, I lost my mum in a short period of time, we found out she had cancer on Mother’s Day. 6 painful weeks later she was gone! 2 weeks before I found out my mum had cancer my partner up and left with the kids pretty much out the blue (we are trying to get things back on track now though but still had a major impact) I quit drinking nearly 4 years ago now, so I hit the junk food instead… living off pizzas and Starbucks Carmel lattes and whatever else I could grab.

    I didn’t want to get out of bed at times… the gym and all forms of exercise stopped!

    Now since taking the blends and fasting… I’m up without an alarm between 5-6 o’clock pretty much bouncing off the walls ready to start the day!! This energy doesn’t dip not once throughout the day!! Even before my feeding window on the 22/2 I can get a decent power walk in with the dog!!

    My depression and anxiety have pretty much vanished!! It’s been a complete RESET for me… I was spiraling!

    I feel more confident in talking to people!

    And to top it off I’m 28lb down in 21 days!!

    So once again, thank you! I’m looking forward to being a returning customer of yours!

  62. Carrie Emerton

    Rewire has been very helpful. I am a mom, work fulltime and go to school full-time. Pretty sure I have ADD. So, Rewire really help my mind be clear and not fuzzy.
    I also have a disease that causes chronic pain so being able to have a clear mind really helps.
    I CAN FOCUS MORE. I remember more and have clearer thoughts which is so nice when your life is so busy. This formula really helps and works.

  63. Lauren (verified owner)

    Nebula and Trinity have become daily staples for me. At this point, I can’t imagine being without them. They’ve helped my anxiety and depression at one of my lowest points and gave me a hand to be able to implement other healthy habits.

    Trinity makes me calm, focused, and has blasted away my anxiety and depression. Nebula has given me confidence, motivation, and an unbelievable amount of energy. With both of these blends, I’m able to accomplish so much more everyday, and the procrastination I had felt previously has just disappeared.

    I’m able to handle a packed schedule of work and school, both with extremely long commutes, and working through grief at the same time. I’m so much more excited about life and the future and feel like I’m back to my old self again. I’m so grateful that these blends exist and very grateful for Gavin’s dedication to making these formulas!

  64. Evan Duffy (verified owner)

    I’ve used various Interstellar Blends over the last 6 years, and in my experience, they’ve not only delivered on the desired outcomes…they’ve blown them out of the water! Whether it was helping me get through my first extended dry fast or improving my overall health and longevity, I’ve always been happy with the results I’ve gotten. But even with my long history of satisfaction with the blends I’ve tried, my experience with GAINZ has to be the most mind-blowingly impressive of them all!

    I’m not a workout warrior, muscle bound type of guy. I’m 6’4”, and with such a big frame, it can be tough to tack on a lot of visible muscle without spending 8 hours a day in the gym. Based on my previous experiences with blends and the early results others were getting from GAINZ, I figured I’d give it a try. Let me tell you this: GAINZ delivered on every promise made…in spades! In less than a month of use, I’ve added around 4 pounds of muscle, and that’s with no weights, only body weight calisthenics and cardio! My significant other pointed out the size difference before I even noticed it, so I know it’s not just a placebo effect and wishful thinking on my part. I’ve also gotten more definition, and after my workouts, I stay “swole” throughout the day. I’ve developed a more vascular look, as veins are popping out everywhere. Not to mention, my blood pressure is down, my body fat ratio has decreased, and my endurance has gone through the roof. I’m a 48-year-old guy, and this blend has taken years off my age and allowed me to perform like I could when I was in my 20s, with less daily pain and greater resilience.

    If you’re looking for a way to add muscle, trim body fat, look more athletic, and feel like you did in your 20s, then this is the blend for you! It’s miraculous. You’ll look great, and feel great…and what can be better than that? The other blends will give you longevity, but when you add GAINZ to your repertoire, you’ll get both quantity AND quality! You’ll feel and look like a million bucks!

    Evan D.

  65. Stephen Shiman (verified owner)

    I experienced a quick healing of an old muscle injury on Gainz!! Years ago I healed myself of an inguinal hernia, but the abdominal muscles never returned to how they were originally. So a few times a year when I pushed things too hard in the gym, I would get shadow pains. They were not anywhere as bad as the original inguinal hernia,but they easily disrupted my workouts, and would last for 3-4 weeks. On my loading week with gainz, I got one of these shadow pains, but instead of hanging around for a few weeks- it was gone in 3 days!! I am overjoyed by my results!!

  66. INTERSTELLAR BLEND (verified owner)

    “I wanted to take a moment and tell you about my experience with the blend REWIRE. All I can say is that before I started taking it I was blind but now I can see in and the veil has been lifted. For years I have struggled with finding brain balance and I’ve tried hundreds of natural supplements and nootropics. When I started taking REWIRE I felt like I was in perfect balance and my brain was firing on all cylinders. I can concentrate and focus like a Jedi warrior. I am motivated to complete my tasks but I do not feel simulated like a cup of coffee would do to me. I feel very balanced. I’ve also always had a hard time with my mind wondering when others speak to me and listening to a thing they would say. When I take REWIRE, I give them my full attention and I can remember what they say, in fact my memory has improved too . I can recall things much easier. Nothing has ever worked like this . I can go all day smoothly not skipping a beat for the first time in my life I feel like I mean I’m productive and it’s like a happy pil!l I have absolutely no depression, no down times throughout my day. I feel like this is the supplement to take the prescription industry off the market. Thank you Gavin for what you do. Your supplements have changed my life!”


    —Lis Roebuck

  67. Leticia (verified owner)

    Wow!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!! I’ve been taking blends for quite sometime and for the most part it has taking me longer to heal 20+ years of type 2 complications and I’m fine with that as long as I continue to heal. During that time I’ve lost muscle mass BUT let me tell you SOMETHING! GAINZ!!!!!!!!!!! The first week was mega dosing (1 sample was enough) and I just walked. Going into the 2nd week (started my second sample) I started using 5 pound dumbbells. Okay 5 pounds! working my arms and squatting for my little glutes. At the start of the 3rd week I started to notice muscles on my arms and I can finally for the first time in years feel muscles in my glute area! And this is only doing some exercises at home can’t imagine when I start doing complete muscle work outs. GAINZ along with glucose blocker are the pixie dust of blends for me. Can’t wait to order more and continue this amazing journey with blends. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  68. Mohammed Miah (verified owner)

    Wow I tried the trinity blend for the first time and it really does work wonders, I’ve never felt such clarity in my life, I truly felt my frequency of energy rising. It really does help you lock in on your goals without distractions, also never worked so hard at the gym before so that really helped. Honestly all the young people around the world suffering from mental illness need to try this asap. THANK YOU GAVIN honestly you really are truly amazing! can’t wait to try out your other blends, Im looking forward to leaving more reviews in the future!

  69. Simone de Waal (verified owner)

    My LUNG POWER Review

    I am 57 years of age and have been a severe Asthmatic since childhood. I was diagnosed with COPD, which has steadily gotten worse over the last 10 years, with my breathing becoming more and more difficult and substantially labored. I also suffered from acute Sinusitis, experiencing the most debilitating sinus headaches, that would cripple me for days.

    I spoke with Gavin and he recommended that I try the Lung Power.
    From the moment I first took it, one month ago, I have had simply incredible results, just aMaZiNg?!

    I started by taking 1/8th of a teaspoon first thing in the morning and within 15 minutes of taking it, I got relief from my symptoms. I could actually ‘breathe’ again and feel the phlegm and mucus drain away and disappear.

    After two weeks, I decided to up my dose to 1/8th of a teaspoon, morning and evening…
    All I can say is WOW.
    The post nasal drip subsided completely, I have absolutely had no sinus issues, at all… My Inhaler use has been cut by 75% and the Elephant that had been sitting on my chest for the past decade, just got up and left… Incredible!

    All in all the results have been absolutely Life Changing for me and I can not recommend this product highly enough.
    I am so very grateful to Gavin and the Interstellar Crew for this outstanding, all natural Blend.

  70. Scotty Ryan

    Gainz Review

    Gainz has been one of the most profound blends I have tried yet. When I first began Gainz I had just begun to workout after months off and I was only able to do about 20 push-ups. The first day I took Gainz I was able to do somewhere around 45 push-ups. My mind was blown! I felt stronger immediately and the results showed!

    After a few weeks my friends noticed that I had visibly gained muscle. Each time I workout after I began taking Gainz I notice a continual increase in both my strength and endurance. Not only do I feel stronger but I don’t wear out quickly either. Gainz is a game changer and I have never seen such quick results with any other workout supplements. I have the energy and power that comes from pre workout with out the crazy rush or the crash!

    Gainz has quickly become one of my favorite blends and I’m thankful that Gavin has created it! It’s so important that we maintain our muscle and Gainz does exactly that! I have a hopeful outlook on the future now knowing that Gainz will keep me looking and feeling youthful even into my older age! If you’re on the fence about trying any of Gavin’s blends just take the leap, I can testify that it will change your life!

  71. Ama

    “Force Field EMF Protection & Radiation Blocker IS the most PERFECT Interstellar blend yet!! The synergy of plants in this formula is unmatched anywhere else on the market. I’m truly impressed.

    I’ve drank blends 12 months and researched pathways for EMF radiation protection for years now meaning I’ve experimented a LOT with nutraceuticals for the purposes of reducing cytokine flares & neuralgia that happen when exposed to higher ranges of electromagnetic pollution.

    I became aware of this legitimate health concern when one of our insurance clients won a disability case for EMF sensitivity back in 2005.

    NIH/WHO/CDC studies re: viral infections activating between 40-60hz fields (which all modern Wi-Fi emits) were available then and researchers have no doubts now that EMF pollution is a modern health concern.

    Anyone who is immunocompromised or fighting neurological disease can be impacted much quicker than healthy bodies. I realized this meant the only alternative was to train the body to adapt and fortify against these frequencies because they are all around us 24/7.

    Currently I’m residing in a Tavistock Smart Community that’s emitting wireless signals everywhere & having symptoms again so I was very excited to order this.

    I combined with the blend potentiator & Rewire the first few weeks 3x a day in espresso or matcha.

    Immediately noticed a reduction in tinnitus & skin electrical shocks/burning sensations. Joint/jaw aches disappeared. Attention & focus is aligned. A lot less “what did I walk in this room for?” moments.

    I’d also struggled with appetite & digestion since moving in and suddenly I felt famished after the first few doses. Ate a simple Mediterranean meal of dates, olives, greens in lemon juice with fresh grilled fish & sage tea then fell into a deep 18 hour sleep while my body reset to the blends as I’d also taken a month break from using any. I practice 22/2 for blood sugar regulation as normal routine.

    The next morning I woke with so much energy I headed straight to the gym. The lethargy lifted. I have energy flowing in my muscles & fascia again. The white hairs around my hairline returned to dark brown which might be the freakiest visible effect!!

    Mentally/Emotionally the debilitating anxiety/racing mind + heart palpitations are stable and calm. I had a major test with a professional confrontation & remained like A FORCE FIELD while they tried hard to psychologically rattle me.

    It was like GOD SOURCE spoke through me as I easily buffered their manipulations with a quiet strong presence of TRUTH where it was CLEAR to them they couldn’t even try causing distress.

    Agent Smiths beware because this blend is like drinking the moment Neo cracked the matrix & transmuted all the negativity into Light.

    Force Field knows how to CODE intelligently & help us find homeostasis in the digital insanity.”

  72. Rich Ryan (verified owner)

    GAINZ Review

    GAINZ is a must have if you’re over 40. Especially for men.
    I’ve been losing muscle mass and strength since around 45, and it has accelerated in the last few years (now 52). If I don’t workout constantly, then I immediately start getting weaker and less flexible.
    GAINZ is the only thing I have tried which has reversed that. In the first few weeks of starting my loading dose (1 tsp per day with GrapeFruit Juice), I started to feel stronger and workouts got easier. My muscles felt more flexible and energized, like the years were melting off.
    When I started GAINZ, I hadn’t been to the gym regularly for several months because of work. So when I started going back to the gym on GAINZ, the workouts were significantly easier than I remember, and I was back to my old levels in a few weeks. Normally, it would have taken me around 2-3 months to get back to my old levels after such a long slack-off period. Happened much faster and easier with GAINZ.
    I also noticed a definite decrease in blood pressure, which is good as I’ve had acute high blood pressure for years and years. The other blends, especially Thermo, have helped manage this problem massively, as well as giving up seed oils. But as soon as I had been taking GAINZ for a few days, I noticed my blood pressure drop after dinner (when it usually goes up). At the same time, it felt like my muscles were getting more blood going through them. A very marked increase in circulation. I’ve had a similar experience with other workout supplements, but they always increased my blood pressure as well (which is bad for me). With GAINZ, it improved my circulation without the corresponding blood pressure increase! Fantastic!
    I’ve also noticed increased endurance at work (I do construction). Normally I will get tired after a few hours of heavy work and have to take a break, but with GAINZ I found myself going almost the whole day without rest. Pretty amazing!
    I also pulled a muscle in my left elbow area a couple years ago (don’t lift a 12 ft countertop by yourself stupid), and it has bothered me ever since. With GAINZ I noticed that this injury didn’t bother me nearly as much. After a couple weeks, I could barely feel it.
    Actually, I just ran out of GAINZ, and I can already feel the difference after a week being off it.
    Time to order more!!
    Another fantastic blend from Interstellar! Two thumbs up!

  73. Deanna Ramirez (verified owner)

    I found this website because a old family friend told me he had herbs if I needed so I googled and found! These are a few of the samples and orders I have tried…

    Lung Power 200:1 increased lung capacity
    Flushed congested lungs soothing to the skin relaxing electrical pulsation increased body temperature; I had been having a very dry skin problem and at night my chest would feel tightness like some kind of pressure. My breathing became very shallow for a while for over a year. I have tried many of the other blends this guy makes, and they are all amazing. This one specifically, I am writing about because the doctors told me nothing was wrong with my breathing. So when I found the lung power sample I ordered. I was surprised that I felt electrical pulsations in the areas of my chest, neck and head area. The product was soothing to my skin, increased my body temperature, increased my lung capacity, reduced chest tightness, flushed my skin as well as released some of the deeper congestion inside that I wasn’t able to cough out even though it came running out my nose. I don’t have as shallow breathing anymore really works.

    200:1 Sabretooth Gums feel regenerated, gum line is more supported to the teeth and whole mouth. There is less inflammation in the mouth and my mouth had a nice lingering Eucalyptus taste after I would take these. My teeth feel more sensitive also and does not dry the mouth out like previously. Even the discoloration from fluorosis on a few teeth has improved and my teeth look less brown and much more white.

    Female fertility 200:1 – electric pulsations on my head like asmr as I suffer from some mental instability so this helped balance that, smoother skin, more balanced menstral cycle, synchronicity, sparked creativity in thoughts

    Trinity*** 200:1 – reduction of anxiety and depression, extremely vivid dreams of my mental instability in the form of past and present merged together. Helped me during a period of intense grief processing emotions. Received a message in my dreams could literally hear it’s you don’t you understand?

    I have tried many more of these blends but don’t know exactly how to put to words the experiences.

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