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Approx 300 1/8 tsp servings each 100g bag! This combo will last you months!


Directions: 1/8 – 1/4 tsp each  3-4 x a day in black coffee or fresh squeezed grapefruit juice

Recommended diet: paleo keto one meal a day 22/2  (keep blood sugar and insulin levels low)

What you can likely expect after a few weeks: 

  • No anxiety,
  • No irritability,
  • No constant gnawing hunger,
  • Enhanced mental clarity,
  • Elevated mood and outlook on life,
  • Depression and melancholy nonexistent,
  • Tons of energy,
  • Deep, rejuvenating, blissful sleep,
  • Aches, pains and inflammation subside,
  • Radiant glowing skin and complexion,
  • More muscle, strength and endurance,
  • Enhanced libido,
  • Body fat begins to disappear,
  • Blood sugar and blood pressure normalizes,
  • Allergies gone or greatly reduced,
  • Immune system bolstered, you rarely get sick,
  • Renewed inspiration and creativity,
  • Basically you are going to be feeling unstoppable, like a BRAND NEW YOU


16 reviews for ACB (10 Blend) ‘VITAL FORCE’ COMBO

  1. Rich

    These blends have truly changed my life. ACB has saved the lives of many people, a few of whom I’ve watched battle with cancer on social media. Their improvement and recovery after starting on the blends is truly astounding. I’ve been suffering from severe depression for about 12 years, and Trinity has been a life-saver. I’ve been on it about 3 years now. I also take all the other blend products, which is the best way to take them. The synergy they create together is very powerful. And this combo is pretty much the best deal. Lasts for a long time.

  2. Wendy Liu

    I was introduced to these blends by a long-term friend of mine, and I can say they are really exceptional. I’ve been taking them about a year now. My father died of cancer a few years ago, before ACB had been developed. My Mom and I both take ACB now as a preventative. She is in her 80’s and so far there’s no sign of cancer! She had skin cancer removed several years ago, and we feel that ACB has helped to prevent it from reoccurring. The other blends are a help as well. Trinity helps with energy and mood, and the effects become stronger if you take it with the Add-Ons like Pine Pollen and Matcha. I’ve recently started Peel and Spice as well, and they seem to be helping my hair and skin to look younger and better. I would highly recommend these products.

  3. Ken Mcleod

    I contacted Gavin a few months ago to get some help with severe tinnitus which I have been suffering from for over 1 year. I was trying to do fasting to heal but every time I fasted I would get such incredible spikes that I had to give in. I bought your 10 blend ACB super combo at Gavin’s recommendation. He gave me a personal schedule for when to use each blend to treat my condition. It has been incredibly helpful and I have been able to fast much more easily to try to get my tinnitus healed. These blends changed my life. No depression, no hunger, no light headed, no afternoon crashes.

  4. Barbara M. Poitras

    Having gone through three years of surgeries for 4 neck disc replacement, nose bonespur, broken foot, broken hands repair and being put on every prescription pills imaginable, I was a total wreck. Unable to recovery and pull out of all the surgeries and pills.

    I was, always, exhausted, tired, in pain, struggling to get by. I had, aways, been one to land on my feet… But those three years took a toll on me. Existed by going from bed to sofa back to bed.

    Finally, I had enough when I was told that I had to be on some of the prescription pills for life. I thought… No, way in hell. A friend told me about Gavin and Interstellar Blends, so I contact Gavin and he recommended a Interstellar plan for me.

    At 64, I started taking the herbs and, completely, stopped all prescription drugs. My health reports came back.. excellent health with no problems, weight drop, energy returned, hair/nails/skin health returned, mind fog lifted, feeling great again and Doctor’s said… Whatever you are doing…keep doing it because you are in excellent shape for your age.

    You can check my Facebook picture at Barbara M. Potras. My friends had been concerned about my health decline and now they are, totally, amazed at how incredible I look and feel.

    I never was one for doctors, hospitals, pills unless needed and those three years I needed them and the surgeries. I have, always, been one for natural remedies.

    I was taking vitamins to no avail. Gavin herbs turned my life around and put me back on the road to recovery. As I said above… My picture on Facebook shows how well I am doing today at 65 years old.

    I tell everyone ..
    Chemicals, Man-made, unhealthy.
    Herbs, natural, healthy.

    I start everyday with herbs and fast daily eating, only, one meal a day. I feel Incredible and feel very happy going into my older years in excellent health again.

    Now I recommend Gavin Interstellar Blends to everyone and anyone to get back to optimal health.

    Herbs have been around since the beginning of time healing people. Prescription pills are a bandage and never heal the person back to original health and most of the time needed more pills because of side effects.

    Your body was never meant to be sick, unhealthy and then loaded with chemicals trying to survive.

    It feels incredible taking natural herbs, eating healthy and feeling fantastic at my age. I look forward to enjoying life again and I am thankful that I was introduced to Gavin and his Interstellar Blends.

  5. Bryce

    I found out about the Facebook group from a friend and started taking some of the blends from my friend and it changed my life. I’ve been fasting and eating OMAD going on eight years now which was always great but after I combined the fasting with the blends it changed everything. I have ADD or should I say HAD ADD, trinity Seven Sages changed that. I’ll never take pharmaceutical pills again And after I recommended Peel and Spice to a close friends with crohns and other problems she found she didn’t need to take the dozens of medications she was prescribed. If you’re interested in buying ANY of the blends; go big or go home (ABC/ultimate super) combo pack is the best bang for your buck!

  6. Debbie Frandsen

    I’m so excited to try this multi-pack. The last one I ordered was the 9 pack, and I loved it! This is a high quality product, and I am so thankful to Gavin for all he does. He always backs everything up with research so you can see for yourself the benefits of each product.

    I’m type 2 diabetic with my blood sugar sometimes getting in the 300-400 range. I did one of his challenges and my blood sugar and blood pressure both went into the normal range rather quickly (within a week).

    I felt more energetic and got more done, I felt much more productive in everything I did. Thanks Gavin! I can’t wait to order this combo.

  7. chauntawe hubbard

    What Makes a good song? Is it the melody, the sequence of notes, the beat, the words, the breaks, the stops? I’d say its balance of all these thing in synchronistic proportion to one another. When all of the elements are there complementing each other, creating synergy, its transcendent and outstanding. I like a good song, who doesn’t , right? Well I feel like that philosophy applies to many things in life not just music, an amazing meal, an innovative idea, a product.

    I have been interested in health, well being and finding a way to bring out the resonance of my existence into clear and self evident vibrancy for most of my adult life. I have searched, experimented with different diets, supplements and products for years searching for the right combination of substance to pronounce with definition the resonance I desire for my body.

    I started using Gavins Blends a few years ago and when I first started it was a clear and undeniable positive effect. I stopped using and taking a plethora of different supplements and products that I feel were redundant in addiction to Interstellar blends. There was no comparison. No need to pop open all these containers and take all these tablets and mix all these powders in smoothies everyday when I could just mix this easy to use, ready to go formula into my coffee or tea in the morning and throughout the day. So again, like I wrote earlier these blends are an amazing and balanced combinations of all the right stuff that makes up a masterpiece. Well, done Gavin. You keep me coming back for more, please don’t ever stop. Thank you.

  8. Melissa Kendell

    I am blown away by the results from these blends. I purchased just three weeks ago, and every day I take them, the benefits just get better and better. From clear, focused energy, to better sleep, blood sugar regulation, and a noticeable difference in my skin and eye health. Just amazing! My whole family has been taking the blends every day, and I just recommended them to my mother and sent her home with a seven day supply of most of the blends in the Super Ultimate Sampler. I’m ordering again, and this time adding the ACB. I love to having all of these blends in my house and available at all times, as I keep giving them out to family to try when they visit! Many thanks to Gavin and his healing work.

  9. E L B

    Elaine B – May 2, 2019
    I have been taking the blends for one month and the results are amazing! I feel like a new person! I had been dealing with anxiety after a serious auto accident last year and I am so excited to share that the anxiety is gone! When I do feel stressful emotions come up, I am able to recognize them and respond in a calm and deliberate way. Before the blends, I would have been consumed with emotion and not be able to think about anything else. It gets better too – I am so much more focused, the short term memory loss from the concussion has improved greatly, the brain fog has lifted, and I have much more energy!! I am so grateful that I found Gavin and the blends. My only regret is that I didn’t start taking them sooner!! I highly recommend the Interstellar Blends!

  10. Dal Mistry

    I joined the facebook page some time ago. But it was a while before i mustered the courage to approach Gavin to try the blends for myself. So many people were having amazing results and Gavin was fantastic in advising me which combination of herbs to try. I developed acne rosacea (suddenly and severely at the age of 49 and had lived with it for nearly 2 years, I tried most of the topical medications prescribed by my dermatologist but none worked, i changed my skincare, my makeup but nothing helped. I had previously fasted and eaten very clean ( so there wasn’t any explanation as to why the rosacea had triggered). The blends were my last resort. The shipping was quick (to the UK) and the results have been stunning. My skin has cleared completely, I have not had a new spot develop in over a month, my pores and skin feel as they did before i developed the rosacea. (No bumps or roughness). I barely wear makeup and people think i do not look my age at all. The blends and dry fasting have literally changed my life. I was never an anxious person but people (my children and husband) have noticed that i am more laid back and less stressed. Nothing gets me down. If you are thinking should i invest in the blends? Try them you will not be disappointed.



  12. Mohamed Samy

    I have now been using trinity for a week and the effects have been unreal. I have normally been a tense guy and within the first hour of using trinity I could feel my jaw, neck and traps totally relax. I also due to the stress and anxiety would excessively sweat and this was also gone as I was at total ease. Furthermore I have total clarity, and as a trader can now totally feel I am making unemotional decisions. I have been doing the 22/2 fast and I have found it extremely easy with elevated mood and clean smooth energy throughout my day. This has been everything I have been searching to allow me to take my self to the next level in mind and body.

  13. Berenice Kobu (verified owner)

    I was already familiar with some blends, like Trinity, Autophagy, Macha, seven sage, spice and peel, pine pollen, etc… for myself and mother fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. I saw some benefits when my mon had her sciatica pain and was relieved using spice and peel. So when my sister sent me a message a couple of months ago from Cameroon, telling me that her husband has just been diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer (met to the lungs and bones) and was in serious pain. he couldn’t even move without screaming for pain. I immediately sent a text message to Gavin and he answered me right away. He advised to get the Vital force, which I did. All these conversations back and forth between my sister, myself and Gavin happened in lest than hour. So, i purchase the blends and they were delivered whithin10 days.
    My brother-in-law started taking the blends right away and the hardest part was fasting. It’s usually hard for people to believe that they can go a few hours without foods and not die. My sister also started to learn about keto diet and how to control his insulin level ( he is also diabetic and was taking insulin daily or twice a day).
    As far as some benefit we’ve seen so far, he when back to work about a week after starting the blends. The pain was almost gone and he was more energetic. He has stopped taking insulin because his blood sugar is now within normal limit. His skin looks awesome, and the surprising part was that at this next doctor visit, his PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) went from 900 to 0.67. I’m a nurse practitioner and I’ve never seen a psa that high or going back to normal that fast. His medical providers were choked as well.
    So now my whole family is learning about the blend are starting to get some as well. Mostly ACB, because cancer is like the flu in my family. Many thanks to Gavin for doing all this, been there for us, and his promptitude in answering questions and giving advices. Thanks.

  14. Judith wandji

    Juste pour confirmer ce que ma petite sœur a et ajouté que la dernière PSA est 0,41. Il n’a plus de douleurs du . Il fait son sport. Moi aussi je me sens bien dans ma peau parceque je prends certains mélanges. Une fois de plus merci Gavin pour le soutien moral et pour ces mélanges. Un seul mot continuez !!!!!!

  15. Jessie Gleason

    I was diagnosed with stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in June 2020.
    I started taking the blends upon my diagnosis to help fight off the disease and help combat side effects of chemo & radiation.
    It was a game changer!!! Not only did it help with the nasty side effects but I believe it also helped attribute to my NED (No Evidence of Disease) declaration!!!!
    So thankful to Gavin & his blends!!!!

  16. Sekayi Gonera

    So my sister told me about the blends over a year ago and I finally gave in and bought the sample pack. I was on work training the week my blends arrived. I struggled to stay alert throughout the day training so I started experimenting with the blends. I started by taking the 7 sages and the nebula. Within the hour I felt energised but the big thing is the whole day I never felt sleepy or tired My energy levels were amazing.
    Then a few days ago I woke up fluey and with a fever my throat was itchy and I thought I had COVID. I am a nurse and we often work long hours . I took a combination of victorious, luteolin, senolytic peel and spice. It didn’t take for me to begin to feel better and the 2nd dose later I was back to normal. I didn’t even have to take the day off
    I am currently using Super hair tonic as my hair had thinned out and I can’t wait to order the bigger pack as I only have the sample size. Wish I had started using the blends last year when I first heard of them. I can’t wait to experiment with the rest of the blends. Thanks Gavin for your research and obviously amount of work you put into this. Still have a lot to read on the various blends but what I have used so far is simply amazing.

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